December Recap and 2022 Highlights

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3 min readJan 11, 2023

Happy New Year, Miners! Is it 2023 already? Not only did December fly by, but so did the year! Let’s have a recap of the news and updates for December, as well as a journey down memory lane for the highlights and developments made throughout the whole year.

December Highlights

On December 7 we shared an update that the elite Rocksidian Blade was now upgradable to PL18. Click to read the announcement.

On Dec 8 we shared info on the monsters in the game! Check them out here.

Dec 12 was all about Aspects! Check this out to find out more about Aspects.

We also shared this update addressing about some bugs that had been interfering with the game.

On December 16 there was big news, as we released an updated roadmap for all the Miners!

Have a read of the roadmap if you missed it!

On December 20 we made a great announcement for anyone who likes to socialize! Check out the upcoming multiplayer feature.

On Dec 21 we announced that moving forward our release schedule will focus on bigger and more impactful updates.

On December 30, just in time for the new year, we shared an update about our upcoming social hub, the Satellounge! Beta coming soon.

2022 Highlights

Now, let’s take a look back at some highlights from the whole year.

January 2022

In mid-January, we had (and sold out) our first round of land sales!

February 2022

In February we talked about our Game Economy, you can see part 1 and part 2 here.

March 2022

In March we sent contracts out to audit (safety first!) and released a lot of new lore for the game. Check out the March update here.

April 2022

April was a milestone month for Mines of Dalarnia. Not only did we head out to Paris Blockchain week and had a great time meeting new people but even more importantly we finally launched Mines of Dalarnia on Mainnet as well as $DAR getting listed on KuCoin.

Read more about that important month in our April recap.

May 2022

In May we made it easier to report issues by opening a ticket channel in Discord for game support.

We also released updates to our DEX to prevent front-running.

And we released our first mining event — the Quicksilver Mines!

June 2022

In June, $DAR was listed on Coinbase! The team also attended NFT.NYC, the biggest NFT conference in the world.

July 2022

In July we released a developer’s letter to the community, which you can check out here. We also put a lot of time and energy into improving security in regards to better bot detection, implementing Captchas and server validation all aimed at dealing with bots and exploits.

August 2022

In August we started a community concept art competition for Halloween, where the community were invited to submit their art.

Our development team also released this update for the community.

September 2022

September saw the announcement of DAR-B, our new helper bot! As well as a major updates to the game’s land economy.

October 2022

October was another impactful month for us. Not only did we launch the The Mines of Dalarnia Marketplace but we also released the Deeper Depths update adding new endgame content to our game.

November 2022

We released an update on crafting and perks, and shared the winner of our Halloween Art competition in November.

Thank you for being on this journey with us! We are grateful you’re here and are looking forward to spending 2023 with you!

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