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Welcome to Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.1: Deeper Depths!

The Dalarnia System is growing! Prepare for new levels, new resources, new equipment, rebalanced and improved systems, a dedicated equipment marketplace, and more!

New Resources

Three new resources are being added to MoD:

  • Gold
  • Aquarite
  • Ragnarite

These resources are available on the Dex.

Despite being high-tier, these resources drop at a higher rate than Ozy. This is because we felt the low drop-rate of Ozy limited our ability to give varied rewards for different depths / play performance. This means Ozy may remain the most expensive resource per-unit, despite higher tier resources being rarer.

New Equipment Tiers

Golden Picks and Armor are created using Gold Resources, Stellar Shards and 6 Silver Dust.

Aquarite and Ragnarite Picks and Armor are created using Gold, Aquarite or Ragnarite Resources, and Ozymodium Dust.

Blades are still upgraded linearly. Gold Blade is upgraded directly from Ozymodium, Aqua and Rag Blades from Gold.

  • Gold Blade — PL 15
  • Aquarite or Ragnarite Blades — PL18

The Deeper Mines

Three new mines are being added to MoD:

  • The Gilded Mine — PL12
  • The Crystal Caverns — PL15
  • The Storm Tunnels — PL15

An entirely new map generation algorithm is used to create these levels, increasing variety and reducing predictability.

Each plot will only generate one of the two PL15 mines when upgraded. These mines are always aspected with Rock, Crypt or Jungle variants.

Healing Helper-Bots

Helpful little robots that heal the miner will appear in the Deeper Depths. Collecting these scuttling little bots will restore some lost Miner Health.

New Monsters

Deeper Mines will include two new monster types, each with three variants based on Aspect.

Stalks : Turret-like, stationary, burr-shooting plants. Stalks will fire on Dalarnian Miners relentlessly, applying debuffs and dealing damage.

Burrowers : These digging creatures burst from beneath the ground when Miners least expect it, then tunnel back under to pursue their prey through the mine.


New Environmental Hazards appear in the deepest depths as well.

  • Falling stalactites
  • Exploding poison gas pods
  • Dripping toxic slime.

The Dalarnia Marketplace

A new web-based market for selling, buying, and bidding on all MoD mining plots, items and equipment NFTs is being launched. Resources will still be traded on the DEX.

Equipment on this market is traded using DAR as the primary currency, with a marketplace fee of only 2.5%. Equipment listed for sale can no longer be used within the game. Mining Plots listed for sale still generate revenue by being rented but can not be actively managed in the game.

At launch the marketplace will support auction-based trading, with the auction being initiated by the first bid. Auctions on the Dalarnia Marketplace are generally timed for 24h. In case bids happen within 30 minutes of an auction ending, the auction will be extended for 30 minutes.

Additional trading options will be added over the coming months.

Check out the market from the link in-game, or directly from our website:


Gold-Plated Injector

Land owners will add new depths to their plot by using a new Gold-Plated Injector on it. Using an injector on a plot will permanently add two new mines to the plot: The Gilded Mine and either the Crystal Caverns or the Storm Tunnels.

Six injectors will be made available on Wednesday October 26th via an auction on the new Mines of Dalarnia Marketplace. More Injectors will be released over time, up to a total of 1000.

Note that adding deeper depths to your land will increase the terraforming cost for that land.

Miner Rank Cap Increase

Miner Rank cap will be increased to Rank 20.

At launch the last new feature will unlock at Rank 16, but we want to allow players to continue to progress to Rank 20 and get a head start towards unlocking future content.

Increased XP Rewards

Digging on the new Deeper Depths mines will reward 15 XP per dig instead of 10 XP.

Increased Maximum Power Level

The maximum Power Level achievable by miners is increased to PL 18.

Power Level Display Changes

All mines will now display the minimum PL required to dig, instead of the “plus two” system used previously.

Example: any mines that previously displayed PL9 — meaning miners with PL7 and higher could access it — will now display as PL7 instead. The difficulty and accessibility of these mines is not being changed, only how the information is displayed.

Revised Equipment Upgrade System : Dust

Instead of upgrading via combines, all Picks and Armor after 1.1 will be upgraded via a new resource category called Dust.

Each resource has its own Dust (ie. Copper Dust, Iron Dust, Silver Dust, etc.).

  • Copper dust is acquired by “dusting” (burning) Copper Armor and Picks.
  • Copper Armor and Picks are upgraded by spending Copper Dust.

Equipment still generates with only one perk. The second perk appears at Upgrade level +1.

This significantly reduces the number of items and transactions (meaning fewer gas fees to upgrade) needed to upgrade items.

Dust will not be tradable on the DEX.

Pick and Armor Cost Rebalance

All Copper, Iron, Silver and Ozymodium Armor and Picks crafted after 1.1 will have their crafting costs changed. Upgrades are done via the new Dust system instead of combining. Mostly this results in +0 equipment costing a bit more resources, but +3 and above upgrades being cheaper to reach

“Original” Picks and Armors

Due to this change, all existing pre-1.1 Copper, Iron, Silver and Ozymodium Armor and Picks will have the (Original) tag added after their name to indicate they are the original versions.

Example: Copper Armor +3 (Original)

This means “Original” Equipment will no longer be craftable or upgradable after 1.1 goes live on 10/27. Original Equipment can still be worn, traded, or dusted.

All Picks and Armor created after 1.1 will have a different color hue from Original equipment, making Original equipment visually unique.

Original Equipment can be Dusted for its full value in Dust, equivalent to the exact number of combines it took to create. This is so players who created equipment prior to v1.1 are not penalized for the change.

Direct Upgrades

  • +3 and higher Original Silver Picks and Armor can be upgraded directly to Gold Picks and Armor with the same perks, maxed out.
  • +3 and higher Original Ozymodium Picks and Armor can be upgraded directly to Ragnarite or Aquarite Picks and Armor with the same perks, maxed out.

This system is not the primary method for creating equipment, it exists to give players who perfected Original equipment a way to retain those perks.

Note that upgrading an item this way will generally be less efficient than dusting it, but will retain the aspect and all of its perks.

Coming Soon : Upgraded Elite Equipment

Roughly a month after 1.1 launch, players will be able to upgrade existing PL14 Elite Armor and Blades directly to PL18 using the new resources and dusts. The PL18 Elite equipment will retain its special Elite perks and will be competitive with maxed out Rag/Aqua gear.

This ensures v1.0 Elite Gear remains relevant at the new endgame.

Thank you for playing Mines of Dalarnia, see you in the mines!

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