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Mines of Dalarnia

Problems to be solved:

  • Owners of suboptimal land have difficulty competing on the market.
  • The one-size-fits-all nature of the terraforming capsules means good and bad plots cost the same to replenish, despite being unable to command the same amount of market attention.
  • Universal minimum rent of 1 DAR stifles competition.
  • Land-owners are not required to engage with the game or their lands very much, they just wait until their plot is finally empty, then refill.

The New Land Economy 2.0

Mines of Dalarnia will be moving to a new resource and replenishment system prior to the upcoming Version 1.1: Deeper Depths update.

Each plot will still have a “resource” number that scales down from 100 to 0. When the resources run out, the plot must be replenished.

Under the new system, miners who dig on a plot will receive bonus rewards when that plot is above certain thresholds of total resources. Though mining will always return a reasonable amount of resources, the most profitable time to dig will be the first 10–20 digs.

Mines of Dalarnia

Replenishment will cost resources as well as a terraforming capsule. The amount of resources will be dynamic. The cost to replenish is determined by:

  • The specific resources on the plot

Example: each point of ozy on the plot increases replenishment costs more than each point of Copper

  • The amount of resources being replenished

Example: replenishing a plot that has 80 resources remaining costs less than replenishing a plot that only has 10 resources remaining

Replenishment Mines of Dalarnia

Note: Replenishment numbers are not final.

Finally, we will be removing minimum rent. Tax on digs will be 10% of a rent cost, down to a minimum of 0.1 DAR. This will allow land owners to adjust their prices significantly more and compete on the market.

What happens with the old terraforming capsules?

A terraforming capsule resource is still needed to replenish a plot, but since the new capsules represent only a portion of the total replenishment cost they require significantly fewer resources to craft than the current ones.

We will provide a new recipe that converts the old style capsules to a larger number of the new ones at equal value, so players who invested in terraforming capsules previously will not lose any equity. Think of it like a stock split: 1 old capsule becomes [X] new ones, but the DAR value remains the same.

Capsule comparison Mines of Dalarnia

A more competitive economy

We believe this combination of features will create a more vibrant and competitive economy for both miners and land owners, especially as the new tier of resources is released in Version 1.1: Deeper Depths update, and plot variety continues to expand.

Land owners with previously “bad” plots will now be able to replenish more cheaply and charge lower prices, creating a market for copper and iron farming. The opportunity for miners to gather resources efficiently will be increased by seeking out nearby plots that are at high resource values and mining out the boosted rewards before others can get them. Land owners who pay attention, tweak their prices, and carefully balance their replenishments can make their plots stand out even against other plots with the same resource allocations.

Land Economy 2.0 will go live several weeks before Version 1.1: Deeper Depths update.

Thank you for playing Mines of Dalarnia, see you in the mines!

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