August 2022 Developers Letter

Mines of Dalarnia

Hi Miners!

Land Owners will be able to craft or buy a new consumable to add new permanent depths to their plots, infested with new monsters and glittering with new resources.

Miners will dive in to fight new enemies and collect new resources to create new equipment, increasing their Miner Rank and Power Level beyond current maximums.

To make sure previous content doesn’t become irrelevant, version 1.1 will include systems to upgrade existing Blades, +5 Silver and Ozy equipment, and Elite Copper and Elite Iron armors to new levels of power.

Mines of Dalarnia

In July we added in-game captchas and improved server-side validation to help identify and block bots and cheaters. We successfully shut down the largest botnets already and will continue to work on ensuring MoD is a fair and competitive space for real players.

The economic systems underlying resource rewards and plot terraforming costs are being redesigned to improve balance and sustainability. Please note that resource distributions on plots will not be changed. More details on how the economy changes work will be released as it gets into the testing phase.

With all of these changes, and with much greater anti-botting security, we believe MoD’s economy will become stronger and more sustainable than ever!

We’re aiming to launch the Deeper Depths update early Q4. A hard date will be provided as launch approaches.

The team’s focus for August and early September is on 1.1, but there’s lots more going on. MoD is coming to Mac OS. Multiplayer and competitive features, including competitive / leaderboard style activities and shared space multiplayer, are under active development. And in October our second temporary event will launch for Halloween, including our first ever community design contest.

Thank you for playing Mines of Dalarnia, see you in the mines!

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Mines of Dalarnia



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