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4 min readDec 16, 2022

Hello fellow Miners, we’re pleased to share MoD’s development roadmap for the next 6 months.

Note: Dates and features are subject to change. This represents an overview of planned development; not every planned feature is captured on this list.

Before we dive into the details of our roadmap, we would like to share some information regarding our overall goals for Mines of Dalarnia in 2023 and beyond.

Reviewing 2022, development focused quite a lot on adding new content, building security systems to resist bots and exploits, and improving our Game Economy. This led to the release of multiple events and content modes, Holos, Land Economy 2.0 and ultimately Update 1.1 : Deeper Depths.

Moving forward into 2023 we believe it’s best to focus on improving the early game and onboarding experience, as well as adding multiplayer features and expanding objectives for Miners.

With a better onboarding experience we will be able to grow our player base by allowing new players to experience all parts of Mines of Dalarnia for free and become part of our community.

New objectives and multiplayer will help us to grow our game horizontally. This will not only include new and exciting gameplay features but also expand the game economy, create new ways to win rewards, and expand utility for all existing and new game’s resources, items and lands.

About the former roadmap

As the developers of Mines of Dalarnia we are always looking for implementing features that both benefit our loyal players and allow us to grow the community. At times this means to scrap plans and readjust.

We are also faced with changing regulations and guidelines which influence our production and goals.

One obvious aspect is the missing Mobile Companion App on our roadmap. With the latest developments in App Store guidelines we need to reevaluate our ambitions for the Mobile App.

This does not mean that we scrap mobile all together, but we need to be sure we will be allowed to launch our work on marketplaces, and decide if it’s more beneficial to put that time and effort into additional features for our game, marketplace, or website.

Q3/Q4 2023

As stated above, we‘re making deliberate choices on new features and updates based on what is best for the game and our community, and what helps make Mines of Dalarnia a success. With that being said, we will focus our efforts in 2023 towards an improved experience for new players and community growth.

In order to set the correct priorities for the second half of the year we will look into our players’ engagement with the various new features we are releasing in Q1 and Q2.

It is our mission to not only realize the vision we as the developers have for Mines of Dalarnia have but also to put our time and energy into the features our players enjoy the most in order to create a game our community loves.

Communication is a Goal for 2023

Besides the in-game roadmap, we are also really looking for improvements in the communication area. In 2023, we want to reorganize our structure to be able to provide information more frequently and quickly in a detailed manner. Our goal for the next year is not only to deliver you good quality updates but even more to let you know upfront what to expect from us.

We need to do a lot of changes in the current development model but we believe it will be beneficial for you and us!

We won’t be able to change everything at once, but hopefully, with every upcoming quarter, you’ll notice progress both in our game and in the support you experience!

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