July 2022 Developers Letter

Mines of Dalarnia
3 min readJul 8, 2022
Mines of Dalarnia

Hi Miners!

For July and early August our content updates are going to focus primarily on improving security, integrity, and anti-botting technology.

This includes integrated captchas, greatly improved client security measures to catch and block botters, and more server-side validation which is needed to ensure economic security and to build up our multiplayer features. We’ve been working on this tech for the past 2 months since launch and will begin implementing it over the coming weeks.

That’s not to say that there will be no new content: we’ll be introducing several Elite Armors as well as continuing to expand dig content variety. However the main focus in July and early August will be combating remaining illicit activity in MoD.

Having these improvements in place will lay the groundwork for future multiplayer and competitive features, such as competitive / leaderboard style activities and shared space multiplayer.

As a result, the updates over the next few weeks may appear a little content-light. We’ll make sure there are still new things to craft and experience, but there will not be a major content drop comparable to the Quicksilver Mine or Sunken Swamps in July.

Looking a little further: we’ll be ramping towards Depth 4 and the next full tier of resources and equipment. This will greatly expand the complexity and variety in the game, improve plot diversity, and give landowners additional ways to upgrade their plot and stand out. We want to increase avenues for all landowners to make their land appealing for miners, even if the land was not initially generated with the most desirable resources.

This new tier of content will release in an environment with greater overall security and improved bot resistance that should allow for a stronger long-term economy for the game.

The core resources will always have value. Copper, Iron, Silver and Ozy will always be part of the game and will be needed, often in large quantities, to craft the newest items.

We’ll post in-depth previews of these features as they get closer to release.

There are still more exciting unannounced features and developments that we can’t discuss yet, but we wanted to give everyone a glimpse of the future and set expectations for our short-term plans for the Summer. We’re working hard and the game will continue to expand and improve every week.

Thank you for playing Mines of Dalarnia, we couldn’t do this without you!

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