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5 min readNov 10, 2023

Good day, Dalarnians!

The wait is almost over! Our next big update, Terraformed, will go live on Thursday, November 16 on mainnet.

To make this moment in Mines of Dalarnia even more special, we’ve got a spooktacular gift waiting for you in the Halloween Event.

But that’s not all! We wanted to kick off this new update with a cool economy boost! The in-mine time bonus was originally designed to provide you with up to 50% more resources, but this huge update calls for a proper celebration. Therefore, we’ve decided to double it! During the celebration period, your rewards will always be increased, and you can even collect twice the amount of resources you normally would.

Before all that happens, there are a few topics left that we would like to give more attention to, with today being about replenishment capsules. These changes will affect landowners the most but are definitely worth a read for all miners.

Before jumping in, make sure you check out our other articles that explain more about all the upcoming changes that we will bring to Mines of Dalarnia with the Terraformed update.

50-digs Capsules

After the Terraformed update, landowners will have the option to choose to replenish lands with 1 out of 14 different capsules where each capsule has a minimum Power Level (PL) to be mined.

Replenishment Capsules now fully refill digs left (previously, resources left) on your land. Keep in mind that we changed the maximum number of digs on land to 50, which results in cheaper deployment. We feel that this approach is better, as it allows landowners to adapt faster to demand on resources.

As mentioned, with the update we will introduce 14 capsules:

  • 6 Standard capsules
  • 5 Deeper Depths Capsules
  • 3 Event Capsules

Moreover, the 5 capsules from Deeper Depths will only be accessible to landowners after the payment of an upgrade fee. This upgrade will not be available immediately after the Terraformed update but will arrive some weeks later. Only lands that already have Deeper Depths will be able to deploy those capsules in the beginning.

NOTE: Whenever a landowner uses a replenishment capsule, it won’t affect miners and their already-opened digs. Meaning, that digs remain for the player even if the land owner replenished their land with a different capsule.

Replenishment costs will be the same as the land resources

We are happy to announce that in the upcoming update, the only resources required to refill your land will be the ones provided by it. Previously we had similar logic for lands (though it was more expensive), but there always was a problem with the fixed cost of replenishment capsules which were also needed to refill your land, affecting lower-tier lands in particular. We decided to step back from this idea and now, with these 14 capsules, we can balance our lands properly. This way, cost will always relate to the capsule value.

For example, a capsule that replenishes ‘Copper + Iron’ on the plot will cost a small amount of copper and iron.

No more fixed DAR fee for landowners!

With the changes in capsules, we also looked into the DAR fees as the fixed minimum fee particularly affects capsules with lower PL and we decided to change how rent fees for landowners are calculated completely.

Landowners will no longer be required to pay a minimum of 1 DAR. When players rent digs in a plot, the landowner will be charged 10% of the rent as a project fee. As a result, regardless of the number of digs rented, landowners will primarily pay 10% of the sum paid by the player, reducing the total fees.

To prevent abusing the resource price we needed to set a minimum rent price which will be set independently for each depth which in the first month will vary from 0,1 DAR for PL1 capsule, to 1 DAR for PL 12+ capsules.

Dynamic Economy:

The Terraformed update is not only a big one in terms of adding new features to the game. It’s a completely new path for our economy, as it allows us to respond to your demand way quicker than before. At the start of each month we’ll be able to revise each of the following aspects:

  • The price of each replenishment capsule
  • The minimum rent price for each depth
  • The Time Bonus inside the mines
  • The price of deeper depths upgrade (when released)

This way, we can quickly adapt MoD to market changes, ensuring that players always pay a fair value for the real supply and demand of our ecosystem. It means that when significant market crashes occur, but especially during bull runs, we can adjust the values to ensure they are not a burden to players and to maintain a sustainable and healthier economy inside our game.

Cheaper capsules!

All of the changes in the economy result in cheaper capsules than before, which allows miners to rent their digs at a significantly reduced price compared to current fees. Players will be able to maximize the outcome of each mining run more easily, for both the supply-and-demand and their player level at that moment.

  • Depth 1, 2, and 3 capsules will now cost much less than previous plots with similar configurations. Depending on DEX prices, this capsules can cost between 3x to 8x less than before
  • Depths 4, 5, and the Sunken Swamps have seen a decrease of around 1.5x to the old price

So now players who seek less challenges or prefer to focus on lower-tier resources don’t have to overpay! This new-players friendly approach allows miners to focus on the most needed resources, and for seniors to test out new equipment in mines cheaper than before.

We can’t wait for you to experience all the exciting changes that Mines of Dalarnia brings. Get ready for a terraformed adventure and look forward to more things to come. Stay tuned!

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