Mines of Dalarnia: The Adventurer’s Handbook

In the ancient times of planet Earth, conquistadors looted the silver of South America. Prospectors flocked from across the globe to California during the gold rush of 1949. For millennia, precious metals have served the human race as a means of exchange and as a valuable resource. Recently, mining has been discovered to be most profitable on Dalarnia, where rare relics have been found along with a highly prized assortment of precious stones, gems and crystals.

The race is on in the Mines of Dalarnia, where miners risk it all in hopes of hitting the jackpot. A capitalistic ecosystem has organically formed on the planet, where miners battle indigenous creatures in hopes of becoming a Dalarnian tycoon. Miners dig, fight, plot and strategize to maximize their profits through purchasing and renting out plots of land. In addition, the resources they find are put to use upgrading their equipment and weapons.

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Dalarnian miners tunnel through various subterranean caverns to scavenge for everything from scrap metal to petrified neon, with the help of a canary. Upgrade your equipment, buy plots of land or rent them out to expand your mining enterprise in a world of Dalarnians racing to be the tycoon at the top.

Truly own your experience in Dalarnian world

Updated character design

For miners, all the assets (minerals, tools, land, etc.) that they own in Dalarnia are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Players can exchange and trade these NFTs on the in-game marketplace as well as on third party marketplaces.

As you advance in the Dalarnian world, you will often use the you collect to upgrade your tools and weapons in order to further your explorations. As and increase your wealth, you will also trade these tools and resources into Dalarnia tokens by selling it to other aspiring tycoons.

Play to earn and compete to win

The Dalarnian planet is a place for adventurers. It doesn’t take much for you to join the league and begin building your own fortune. You will begin with a that includes all the equipment you need to . As you advance in your mining career, you will while learning new skills and strategies.

The Dalarnian world offers multiple ways to monetize your efforts and ingenuity:

  • Avid adventurers can farm and sell them on the open market
  • The allows you to earn Dalarnia tokens by renting out plots to other adventurers
  • Daily Login Reward — players receive 2 Dalarnia tokens on each day they
  • Players can rent and/or sell powerful equipment to aspiring adventurers
  • Competitions award valuable prizes to the mightiest contestants

More to be discovered

There are currently of terrains that have already been discovered by the early adventurers of the planet. Special gear has been created in order to visit these dangerous lands in order to collect rare materials. This is just the beginning — there is so much and you are just in time for building your fortune on this new planet.

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Moreover, there is a space station under construction for the Dalarnian explorers. During your downtime from mining, grab some friends, hang out on the Loop, meet new players and indulge in the amazing view of our universe.

Dalarnia is powered by its own in-game currency, . As a holder of the token, you are also an integral part of the world’s economy and you will be tasked with making decisions on the rules that govern the world. Through staking and liquidity mining, it is possible to earn even more and progress faster in your career as an adventurer. Just as you could use your house as a collateral in the real world, the lands that you own in Dalarnia could also be used as collateral to borrow tools or additional tokens to facilitate your progress. The Dalarnian world is being designed to give players a multitude of ways to play and earn!

Are you ready to join us in the adventure? Get started at .

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Official Medium account for Mines of Dalarnia. Mines of Dalarnia is a blockchain action-adventure platform-mining game with a unique real estate market.

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Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia

Official Medium account for Mines of Dalarnia. Mines of Dalarnia is a blockchain action-adventure platform-mining game with a unique real estate market.

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