Mines of Dalarnia

Aug 17, 2021

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Beginners Guide: Basic Gameplay, Mineral Types and Terrestrial Mines Explained

Hello, miners!

Terrestrial Mines are the very first type of Mine you will encounter in the Mines of Dalarnia. In these mines, oxygen is required to stay alive — if your oxygen runs out, you’re toast! Keep a note of where you see the teleport stations as you dig down, so you can escape safely with all your loot while you are still breathing. There are three additional mine types (Volcanic, Arctic, and Toxic) which will be covered in later posts.

“Terrestrial Mines” in the Mines of Dalarnia
“Upgrade” in the Mines of Dalarnia

Basic Minerals

These mineral types are used to perform basic equipment upgrades and can be found in the ‘Free Zone’ available to every Mines of Dalarnia player:

Falun Copper
Iron Ore
Saganite Crystals
Silver Nugget

Exotic Minerals

These mineral types are used to perform advanced equipment and plot upgrades and can only be found in ‘paid’ mines that you own, or in plots you have rented from another player. In addition, certain minerals can only be found in specific mine types.

Petrified Neon
Frozen Magmatite
Ragnorite Gemstone
Kaleidoscopic Amber
Atlas Stone
Crystalized Plasma
Aquarite Crystal
Plutos Pearl
Galaxy Geode
Void Pearl
Stellar Shards
Gold Nugget
Enemies of the Terrestrial Mines in the Mines of Dalarnia

Types of Enemies:

Terrestrial Mines contain some of the tamer enemies in the MoD universe. However, each of these enemies have specific attacks and properties which the player must adapt to. While many can be taken out with a few strategic swings of your pickaxe, remember not to get careless — even these basic enemies can take out a reckless player.

Challenge Level

As the first zones in the game, Terrestrial mines provide a proving ground for players to sharper their basic skills while grinding for the basic upgrades that will be required for the later (far less forgiving!) mine types.

Mines of Dalarnia