Beginner’s Guide: Arctic Zones, Risk Management and Land Ownership

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3 min readAug 23, 2021

Arctic Zones

  • In Arctic zones (or ICE zone), your ‘Anti-Freeze’ level will determine how long you can remain in a mine before freezing to death.
  • Like Volcanic zones, you will encounter more environmental hazards, including stalactites, stalagmites, and crumbling blocks.
  • Arctic zones contain various specific minerals, including Elsytium, Petrified Neon, and Frozen Magmatite.
“Arctic Zone” in the Mines of Dalarnia

Advanced Risk Management

As mines become more dangerous and you are forced to pay tokens to rent or buy plots, getting the most out of each run becomes essential. Here are tips to help you manage risk and maximize your returns.

1.Something is better than nothing — If your timer is about to run out, you can abort your run and still keep 50% of the resources you have obtained. Click the pause button in the top right corner, choose abort run and then choose yes. While you must sacrifice half your loot, it is far better than losing it all by dying.

“Warning message” in the Mines of Dalarnia

2. Find an exit before you need it — If you spend the first few minutes scouring the zone for an exit, you can use it as a ‘base camp’ to explore from. That way, when your time is running short, you know exactly how to get out.

3. Bring an escape teleport pack — You can make an escape teleport pack for 150 scraps on the crafting menu. If you have one of these on hand, you can escape a mine from anywhere at any time and keep all the loot you have collected.

Crafting “Escape Teleport” in the Mines of Dalarnia

Becoming a Land Owner

While renting plots from other players to acquire the resources you need is often necessary, one of your goals you become more powerful is to own your own plots that you rent to other players. When people rent your plot, you make tokens passively!

“Refinery Upgrades” in the Mines of Dalarnia

Upgrading your Plots

Also, in the crafting menu, you will find four levels of ‘refinery’ upgrades which you can use to make the plots you already own more desirable. By offering upgraded plots, you increase the chances of players renting from you, thus boosting your revenue. These refinery upgrades are expensive and often require some of the more exotic resources. Build your skills and strength to challenge the most dangerous mines to find these exotic materials!

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