Mines of Dalarnia: Community Update

Mines of Dalarnia: Community Update (September 15, 2021)

Great job, testers!

Beginner’s Guide

The Medium articles include a four part beginner’s tutorial linked below, which will help you begin your adventures on the right foot.

Part 1: Basic Gameplay, Mineral Types and Terrestrial Mines

Part 2: Intermediate Gameplay, the Plot System and Volcanic Mines

Part 3: Arctic Zones, Risk Management and Land Ownership

Part 4: Toxic Zones and Final Tips

Toxic Zones in the Mines of Dalarnia



Social Media and Video Content Campaigns

Concurrent to the above promotion, we also ran an event that allowed users to win prizes by submitting their gameplay videos! This promotion also proved to be popular, and we are happy to report that the winners received their prizes on September 9, bringing the event to a close.

Keep an eye out for future marketing promotions for your chance to win more free stuff!

Updated roadmap

Mines of Dalarnia Roadmap

Token sale upcoming

The token will launch as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, and will become bridgeable onto the Chromia mainnet later this year.

Expect announcements on the specifics of the DAR token sale to be released in the near future!

Arctic Zones in the Mines of Dalarnia

Keep an eye out for teasers coming soon

About Mines of Dalarnia

/team MoD

Mines of Dalarnia



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