Mines of Dalarnia

Aug 24, 2021

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Beginner’s Guide 4 of 4: Toxic Zones and Final Tips — Good Luck, Adventurer!

In the conclusion to our beginner’s guide series, we will be looking at the fourth and final zone type, Toxic Zones. In addition, we will provide some final pointers to set you on the path to advanced gameplay. Let’s get started!

Toxic Zones

  • These zones are generally the most dangerous and provide the least light sources for the player
  • Many of the most exotic and powerful upgrade resources, such as galaxy geodes and void pearls are found in these zones
“Toxic Zone” in the Mines of Dalarnia

Be Prepared!

  1. Loot frequency and quantity generally increases as you dig deeper. However, you always need to weight the risk of pressing on further into a mine and dying, leaving you empty handed for the current run.
  2. All plots are rated with a difficulty level from 0 to 9. The higher number, the stronger your pickaxe needs to be to mine the blocks and the more challenging the plot will be to survive. Choose plots that are at a ‘just right’ difficulty level from your current progression to ensure you can mine successfully while also acquiring the materials needed to make yourself stronger.
  3. Learn and master the inventory system! You can discard items from one slot of your inventory by right clicking on it, if you need to make more room to collect the resource you are in need of.
  4. Try to keep an escape teleport pack in your inventory whenever possible, plan your exits in advance and remember to use the ‘Abort Run’ function if necessary by pressing the pause button and choosing abort run. As difficulty increases and the stakes get higher, it is important to maximize your returns.
  5. Work toward land ownership. Buying upgrading your own plots and renting them out to other players is a great way to ensure a constant stream of Dalarnia token revenue. As you progress beyond the beginner phase, be sure to check out the plot upgrades in the crafting section of the menu!
“Toxic (Darkness) Zone” in the Mines of Dalarnia

The Beginning of an Epic Adventure

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Mines of Dalarnia