Dalarnian Almanac: Game Economics, Part 1 — Miners

Mines of Dalarnia Game Economics

Greetings Miners!

Mining Plots, Part 1

Mining Plots, Part 2

Mining Plots, Part 3

In the Game Economics series, we will discuss the game’s economy from the perspective of the Miners (players) and Mining Plot owners. We will also explore the economic relationships and opportunities created by the design of the Dalarnian world. Along the way, you will learn about the various forms of NFTs and other tokenized items that will be acquired and traded both inside and outside of the game.

Part 1 will primarily focus on the function of Mining within the economy. Let’s dig in!

TLDR Summary

  • Mines of Dalarnia offers two roles: Miners and Mining Plot Owners. Players don’t have to stick with just one role and can participate in both aspects of the game at any time.
  • Players begin their gameplay journey on a small Free-to-Play planet that contains the most basic resources. The function of this planet is to allow players to try the game before deciding whether or not to invest in a mining passport and moving on to Terra Prime (and all future planets once they are created). For a full description of Mines of Dalarnia’s freemium model, read this article
  • Miner gameplay consists of doing mining runs in order to earn resources that can be used to craft more powerful equipment and consumable items
  • Miners can buy and sell resources, consumable items, and equipment with other players on the Mines of Dalarnia marketplace

For those who want all the details, read on!

Mines of Dalarnia is designed to allow for flexible play styles

In addition, some players will play primarily ‘for fun’ and power up their character, while others will dedicate themselves to finding interesting play-to-earn possibilities within the game. Many people will do both things simultaneously. The roles and activities you take on are entirely up to you!

Mines of Dalarnia January 2022 Alpha Gameplay Preview


As mining options are limited by the miners power level, improving equipment creates more opportunities to mine for rare and valuable resources.

Players explore and excavate mining plots, fighting monsters and navigating environmental hazards along the way (to see an example, check out this play demo!). On each run, the player accumulates points which contribute to their score. This score determines the quality and quantity of resources they receive after their mining session. Exceptional runs may even result in a player receiving fully formed items (consumable items, collectibles, new equipment, etc).

Economy Flow Chart

Mines of Dalarnia Economy Flow Chart

Using the chart, we can easily visualize the various interactions a Miner will have with the game’s economy. The loop to the left covers the aspects we have discussed so far, where the Miners continuously explore plots in order to receive rewards and craft items.

On the right side of the chart, we can also see that Miners can interact with the game marketplace, where they can buy and sell resources, consumables and equipment with other players and owners.

We will explore these marketplace interactions more in depth in Part 3, where we discuss examples of complex economic relationships that can form between all of the game world’s participants.

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