Dalarnian Almanac: Mining Plots, Part 1

Mines of Dalarnia
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Mines of Dalarnia Mining Plots, P1

The Mines of Dalarnia Universe consists of several planets, and each planet is split into a 40 x 40 grid. Each grid square contains a unique mining plot. The ownership, upkeep, and rental of these plots will be a central pillar of the game’s P2E economy.

Plots contain resources which are valuable for miners and owners alike, and necessary to progress in the Mines of Dalarnia. Before mining a specific plot, players need to pay a “Dig Cost”, containing a DAR fee that is paid to the owner of the mine. As a result of this mechanic, mining plot owners can generate a real estate income source within the Dalarnian Universe.

Land Details

The following image shows the full map of the first planet to be released: Terra Prime. This planet belongs to the planet type Terra. Future planets will feature different types.

Terra Prime in Mines of Dalarnia

The full map view allows players to quickly survey all of the mining plots on a particular planet. Users are also able to zoom in to inspect specific areas of a planet more precisely.

Land Details in Mines of Dalarnia

To mine a plot, a miner must be at that location on the map. Details on the planetary movement system will be outlined in a future update.

In the ‘Land Details’ section, users will have access to more in depth information about any given plot.

Land Details in Mines of Dalarnia

Each mining plot has 3+ difficulty levels, named ‘Depths’ associated with it. In general, deeper depths require stronger equipment but award more abundant and valuable resources.

In addition, each plot also has a number of particular attributes. These attributes include: planet type, biome, resource distribution for each depth, and any special access restrictions (special plots may require specific items of NFTs in your possession for access).

Details about the depth/power level system and the land attributes mentioned above will be released in the coming weeks in Dalarnian Almanac: Mining Plots, Part 2. Be sure to join our Telegram channels and other outlets to learn all there is to know about the Mines of Dalarnia!

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