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Mines of Dalarnia
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November Recap Mines of Dalarnia

Greetings, Miners!

November was a very busy month full of exciting news, development, and events. To keep the community up to speed, here is a recap of all of these things in one convenient list:

  • On November 1st, we reached 48,000 testnet players
  • On November 1–2nd, we held a successful IFO on PancakeSwap. The tokens purchased by IFO buyers were fully unlocked and are already circulating
  • The DAR token was launched through Binance Launchpool and also began trading on Binance exchange across multiple trading pairs
  • We held a competition to see which community member could create the coolest banner for our ‘Mining Apes’ collection on OpenSea! Check it out the results here
  • We added a new yellow armour to our available mining outfits
  • We held an AMA in the CryptoDiffer Telegram channel on November 3rd
  • We held an AMA in the PancakeSwap Telegram channel, also on November 3rd
  • On November 4th, we published a sneak peek of Mines of Dalarnia 2.0. Check it out here
  • On November 4th, we announced leading game modification platform Overwolf as a strategic investor. Read about it here
  • On November 11th, we participated in an AMA in Binance’s english Telegram channel
  • On November 12th, we reached 75,000 testnet players
  • On November 15th, we established an official Chinese Telegram community
  • On November 15th, we established liquidity on Uniswap for the ERC-20 version of the DAR token. Trade it here
  • On November 16th, we participated in an AMA in the DeFiRacoons Telegram channel
  • On November 15th, Canar-E NFTs were airdropped to all Mining Ape NFT holders to their Binance Smart Chain wallets
  • On November 16th, we announced that the DAR token would be listed for trading on Crypto.com! Trading is now live, with deposits and withdrawals fully functional
  • On November 18th, we announced the establishment of the $80m Metaverse Grant Program in cooperation with Chromia and My Neighbor Alice. The program will provide funding and expertise to developers looking to build add-ons and utilities for MoD, as well as standalone games which can crossover with our game!
  • We held a community vote on the character style on November 19th — 22nd. And “YAY,” how many of you shared your thoughts on it!
  • On November 22nd, we reached 100,000 testnet players!
  • We held a sticker contest which ran for 14 days. The winning stickers have now been added for use on our official channels! Check out the results here
  • On November 25th, Binance announced a special staking opportunity on the exchange for DAR holders. Read the details here
  • Also on November 25th, we published Dalarnia Almanac: Mining Plots, Part 1. This blog post is the first in a series teaching our players everything they need to know about the mining plot system that will be used in the game
  • On November 26th, we shared an awesome image of the latest miner design for MoD 2.0. Check it out below the list!
  • On November 30, we published Dalarnian Almanac: Mining Plots, Part 2. This blog post discussed depth and power level mechanics as well as the planet type and biome system that will be coming in version 2.0!

…Phew! That was a crazy month indeed. But don’t worry, we still have tonnes of new articles, announcements, and developments coming down the mine shaft in December. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days, because we have more 2.0 teasers and an exciting Pre-Order promotional offer coming your way!

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