Sunken Swamps Update Preview

Danger in the Sunken Swamps

Something slimy is stirring in the Dalarnian depths. Mysterious Croaking sounds echo through the caves as miners vanish or turn up dead, covered in goo.

Miners who survive expeditions into these deadly, swampy new mines emerge with new resources to create a powerful Elite blades and unique armor holos.

Slime-Covered Terraforming Capsule

This new terraforming capsule will add the Hopper Infestation Event and Sunken Swamp depth to any land it is used on.

Unlike the Quicksilver Event, this is not a time-limited feature. Slime-Covered Capsules will remain in the game for the foreseeable future.

Introducing Hoppers

Hoppers are a leaping, spitting, croaking new enemy type for Mines of Dalarnia. Like other monsters they have Crypt, Jungle and Rock variants each with unique mechanics.

Hoppers only appear in Hopper Infested plots.

Hopper Infestations

A Hopper Infestation on a land has two effects:

  1. Depth 1, 2 and 3 will become infested by Hoppers.
  2. A new PL14 Event Depth called the Sunken Swamp will be added to the land.

The Sunken Swamp is a new, always-aspected PL14 event requiring a Miner Power Level of 12 to participate. This unique depth is swarming with challenging enemies, including giant hoppers.

The Sunken Swamp includes an alternate way to play Mines of Dalarnia. Hoppers fill the mines, and instead of collecting gems to earn a five-star score players kill monsters for points.

Crates awarded from the Sunken Swamp contain one of three unique new resources.

Aspected Resources

One of three new resources drop in each Sunken Swamp mine. The resource earned depends on the aspect of the depth:

  • Crypt — Cryptonite
  • Rock — Rocksidian
  • Jungle — Jungle Gems

Aspected Elite Blades

These new resources are used to craft 3 unique PL 14 Elite Weapons:

  • Cryptonite Blade
  • Rocksidian Blade
  • Jungle Gem Blade

These Elite items are the highest Power Level equipment in the game.

Swampsuit Holos

Three new holo suits (each comprised of separate helmet and armor holos) can be created with the new resources as well:

  • Purple Swampsuit
  • Blue Swampsuit
  • Green Swampsuit

These holos are expensive to craft but provide a totally unique look for miners.

Quicksilver Event Conversion

Due to some landowners investing in Quicksilver Capsules, but not having their lands fully mined out, we will work to automatically convert all open Quicksilver Events to Hopper Infestation events. This way landowners can still get value from their capsule investment.

We will not necessarily do this for all future time-limited events, but it seemed like the correct course of action for this one.

Coming Soon to Mines of Dalarnia!

The Sunken Swamps Update is scheduled to release in the next major content update, tentatively scheduled for Thursday June 23rd.

Due to NFT.NYC conference this week there’s a small possibility of a launch delay, but the team is working hard to get the update out as quickly as possible.

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