Quicksilver Update Preview

The Quicksilver Mines

Enter the Quicksilver Mine!

Today, we are excited to unveil the first limited time mining event, which will be released as part of a major update coming next week (May 15–21). Let’s take a look at what Miners and Landowners can look forward to!

MoD’s first limited-time mining event introduces the Quicksilver Terraforming Capsule. Terraform your land with this instead of a standard capsule to add a new temporary depth: The Quicksilver Mine.

Quicksilver Mines can be explored by adventurers with a PL (Power Level) of 10 or greater and award a new, unique resource: Quicksilver Ore. This resource will not be tradable on the DEX and can only be obtained by mining. It can be used to craft limited edition Quicksilver Helmet and Armor Holos.

After Terraforming your land plot with the new capsule, it will be highlighted on the Navigation Map by a special icon. The Quicksilver Mine will remain accessible on your plot until it runs out of resources, or a standard Terraforming Capsule is used.

Quicksilver Armor Holos

Remember, The Quicksilver Terraforming Capsule, Quicksilver Mine and Quicksilver Armor Holo crafting recipe will only be available for a limited time! Prepare yourselves and be ready to dig!

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