Introduction to Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.4: Rechaining to BNB Network

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5 min readJul 4, 2023

We are thrilled to bring you an update on our migration plan, while sharing some exciting developments in our game. We are delighted to confirm that we are on track with our estimated plan, ensuring a smooth transition for all our users.


Our contracts have successfully completed internal audits and are now undergoing external ones. We have redesigned most of our contracts, resulting in improved robustness, security, and notably, enhanced gas efficiency. As part of the rechaining process, NFT collections will need to be re-minted to new contracts, but rest assured, we will cover the deployment fees.

Please note that some token IDs may change during the re-minting process. However, the blockchain will maintain a record that transparently links the old token IDs to the new ones, ensuring traceability and verifiability. The minting of assets on the testnet will also start this week to facilitate the completion of our internal testing. We invite you to test out all the features starting from July 6th.

That’s not all! Exciting new additions also await you in Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.4.

New Competition Game Modes

We hope you are enjoying our competition as we have prepared even more thrilling challenges! Update 1.4 will bring an exciting new addition to the competitions — Anomalies that will spice things up.

Specific competitions will be infused with anomalous energy, introducing new challenges to the Astrolab.

Check out this sneak peek and look at how tiny bullrats can be:

Aren’t they lovely? Beware, as they can be even more devastating than their parents.

We will be sharing more information about anomalies on our competition updates.

As we are currently in the process of reconnecting to the BNB Network, this also means that familiar features will be reactivated. As a result, you will soon be able to once again utilize your valuable NFTs in the game.

Look forward to the introduction of personal gear-powered competitions which will start after rechaining with no final date yet. So stay tuned for updates.

Alongside Anomalies, all competitions in 1.4 will feature new map layouts and segments to increase gameplay variety.

New monster: the Amazing Spider Crab!

This new monster type will begin appearing in Mines of Dalarnia Depth 3 with Update 1.4, adding more variety to gameplay in mid-tier depths and additional challenge to competitions.

If you’re not afraid of spiders or crabs, prepare yourself for a spine-chilling experience. We have yet to fully explore their abilities, but we urge you to be cautious and DO look up.

This unique foe will clamber across walls and ceilings, then drop down on top of miners below to attack. Like all monsters, they have unique variants for Crypt, Jungle and Rock aspects, each with their own special mechanics.


Space Hop has been upgraded since Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.3 testnet!

Changes include:

  • Players can now hit each other with their swords, knocking back other players. Defend your platform!
  • Instead of dropping straight down, platforms are now sucked back into the black hole.
  • Better netcode with smoother movement.

Introduction to Off-chain Crafting

To reduce costs for players, we’ve added the option to craft without the need to mint.

This way players can still craft their items, but without the additional costs that comes with minting, if they don’t feel the necessity. Items can always be minted later to enjoy the advantage that comes with items on the blockchain.

Update 1.4 also allows players to choose between on-chain and off-chain crafting.

On-chain equipment functions as before, residing on the blockchain without any changes. Off-chain items, on the other hand, come with minimal gas fees but are limited to in-game use only. You cannot transfer or sell them until you decide to mint them as real NFTs on the blockchain. However, you can still use, upgrade, and even dust off-chain equipment to craft new items within the game.

Should you change your mind and wish to sell or send your equipment, you can always mint it to make it a tradable NFT using the new Mint button on the equipment screen.

Please keep in mind that certain actions may still require gas fees when utilizing on-chain resources, but your overall costs will be significantly reduced.

We expect that crafting off-chain equipment saves approx. 30% on gas as compared to crafting on-chain equipment. Dusting off-chain equipment saves approx. 15% on gas as compared to dusting on-chain equipment.

Be aware that these numbers can vary according to the input parameters, e.g. number of resources burned.

We hope you will enjoy these new updates and features in our game while we continue working on our migration. And please feel free to share your feedback on our new updates and features on our Discord channel

For a detailed overview of the migration plan, please refer to our previous article.

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