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4 min readApr 20, 2023

Despite some sudden changes in our plans lately, we refuse to slow down with our upcoming features! We’ve put in a lot of hard work, and we’re excited to share more details with you.

Mines of Dalarnia has mainly focused on single-player gameplay so far. However, we share your belief that it’s time to venture into the world of multiplayer. That’s why we introduced our multiplayer shared space, the Satellounge, where players can interact with each other, and we even set up regional servers for your convenience. Now, we’re excited to take the next step and test out some actual multiplayer features.

Multiplayers minigame series

With Update 1.3, we’re excited to introduce the first of a series of small minigames that you can play with other players in our hub. Our goal is to make them fun and competitive, and we hope you’ll find them just as thrilling as we do. We’re eager to experiment with this new feature, and we’re excited to hear your ideas and work on them with you. If we see that one minigame is particularly popular with or favored by our players, we may consider implementing a reward system for participants in the future.

Space Hop is Coming!

In our 1.3 preview, we introduced our first minigame, Space Hop. This multiplayer game is set in space, with a view of our enormous Satellite Lounge wherein you can play with up to 5 people from your region. Space Hop is designed to be a short, fun break from mining where you can chill out with other players. If you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush, simply hop into the multiplayer screen in our lobby and join the queue!

In-game Logic:


  • In our Satellite, you’ll be able to register to the Space hop Multiplayer game.
  • To start the game, a minimum of 2 players is needed
  • You can only participate with the people in your region.
  • Rules are simple: stay alive longer than others can!
  • Your EQ has no effect — meaning everyone has equal chances.
  • Completely Free! No transaction required!


  • Miners can run around the satellite while waiting in the queue
  • Queues are separate for each region. Queues are cross-satellite though, so it doesn’t matter which satellite room two players are in as long as they are both in the same region.
  • A game will begin after 10 minutes even if nobody else queues.
  • A game will start after 1 minute if at least 2 players are queued. The max game size is 5.
  • AI Bots will fill out games if queues are too long (up to 4 bots total).


Miners are playing a dangerous game outside the satellite: jumping between hover-jet platforms that are low on fuel. One by one the platforms will drop into the void below and miners must leap between platforms to stay afloat.

  • Platforms are laid out randomly.
    ○ One by one their jet engines will flicker and die, causing the platform to drop off the bottom of the screen. (Watch them carefully, as you can see when they’re about to fall).
    ○ Be sure to not miss the lowest platform otherwise you’ll lose.
  • At start, a spherical barrier will prevent you from starting immediately and get an advantage over others!
  • Players must anticipate when their platform will fall and jump to another one beforehand to stay alive. Once they fall, they’ll automatically be eliminated from the game.
  • You can interrupt other players with your sword!
  • Last miner standing wins!

Coming to Testnet today!

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