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4 min readJan 6, 2023


Hello Dalarnians!

At the end of 2022, we shared a few sneak peeks of one of our big visions for 2023 which is the multiplayer feature — something that we want to build with you together. Our first step into this completely new design for Mines of Dalarnia is defined in our previous article.

On the 12th of January, 2023 (Yes, you’re right it’s a Thursday!), we plan to invite Ape Holders to test it out with us. The Satellite Lounge will be a fun place where miners will be able to chill out and interact with others!

As multiplayer is something new for Dalarnia, we need to be sure that we are well-prepared for it which involves verifying our server’s capacities before running it on our main client.

During the past month, we made plenty of tests on our side, but it’s nothing compared to the amount of help you, as great and supportive community members, gave us during the last testing before the game launch. We want to make this Lounge together and hope you’ll enjoy building it as much as we do.

What can you do in the Lounge:

For now, we want to deliver you the minimum product as soon as possible as we believe that the faster we’ll share it with you, the sooner we will detect possible bugs and errors to fix, allowing us to expand and develop our features easier.

The Testnet will include the Shared Satellite, which allows miners to meet and hang out in a real-time Multiplayer space. Initially, the following features will be available:

  • 3 selectable server regions: US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Up to 5 players can run and jump around in the same satellite together.
  • New animated emote system.
  • Hit a ball, fight a target dummy, and hit each other with your swords!
  • Show off your gear and holos.

Upcoming Feature

Once we are certain that everything works properly, we want to make this Lounge not only a fun place for you to spend time but also a space where you can explore useful features in. At this very moment, we can’t share further details yet but have in mind that we are working on it. And who knows, maybe one day you will not only meet real players there? 🙈


💡 How to participate:

All Ape Holding wallets will be able to participate, as long as that wallet has not been banned on mainnet. Meaning, no form to fill out, no social media likes, or any other activities.

Yes, it’s that simple. You only need to have an ape NFT on your wallet during the snapshot period and you will be eligible to join and test it out.

⏳ Snapshot time:

The Snapshot of Ape Holder Wallets will be taken on Monday, January 9th between 12:00 to 17:00 UTC.

📝 How to access the Testnet:

Qualified Testnet players will be able to download a new Testnet-Enabled client. An announcement about the download link will be made on the launch date in our official announcement channels.

For those who were not able to join our previous testnet yet, please be guided accordingly as follows:

  • You need to use the testnet version of BSC network. More details here.
  • Making blockchain transactions won’t be needed but if you would like to make some, you’ll need a testnet DAR and BNB.
  • Please be aware that installing the testnet version will update your main client. And if you wish to play or go back to the game on the main network, you’ll need to download it as usual from our website.

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an in-development feature and may contain some bugs or incomplete attributes.

We are really excited to step into this new journey with you, and we hope to be able to deliver this new feature on the main network as soon as possible. Sadly, we cannot predict how long it would take us to finalize the product. But as of the moment, our main priority is to test it out properly and spend as much time as needed to make sure everything is ready once we open this feature to the general public.

The goal of this Testnet phase is to QA and stress test the feature, as well as give the community the opportunity to check it out and provide feedback while we continue working on additional features.

That’s what we have for you today. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us on our platform! Let’s build Dalarnia’s world together!


  • 09/01/2023 12:00–15:00 UTC Snapshot for ape holders
  • 12/01/2023 Launch of the Satellounge Multiplayer Beta Testnet
  • All Ape holders during the snapshot period are able to participate. No further action required
  • Satellounge Beta is done on BSC Testnet chain

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