Greetings Miners!

November was a turbulent month for the crypto community. We hope you made it through and are feeling good going into December. There were a bunch of updates, as well an AMA with our Discord Community, prizes distributed, and new helpful guides about Crafting and Perks being published. Read on for recap of the November updates, and join our Discord and Telegram Announcements groups to be part of the MoD community and get the updates hot off the press as they come out!

November highlights

On November 2nd, there was a hotfix to change how XP is awarded. If you missed it, the updates were:

• Digging on the moon no longer awards XP

• Digs earning 3 or fewer stars are no longer award XP

◦ Except in the Deeper Depths (Gilded, Storm and Crystal), which can be very challenging and reaching 3 stars is often difficult. XP is still earned for < 3 star digs in these depths.

There was also an AMA with Keith McCullough about Mines of Dalarnia 1.1: Deeper Depths.

In case you missed it, here’s a RECAP.

On November 4th Several bugs were fixed and some improvements were made. You can find the release notes here.

On November 8th, the rewards for the Halloween Concept Art Competition were distributed. Well done to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners!

On November 10th there were some bug fixes, which also marked the end of the Halloween Mining event. You can catch up on the release notes here.

On November 11th we shared this post about the Deeper Depths, starting with the Gilded Mines. Reach Miner PL12 to face new monsters!

On November 14th following big events in the wider crypto market, we released a post to reaffirm our commitment to development, to the community, and to delivering the best experience possible to all Miners.

On November 16th we announced that we had banned some wallets that were using cheat software, which is against our ToS. As always, we’ve got your back!

On November 18th we fixed several bugs and the recharge cost of Ozy’s Equipment was reduced. You can read the release notes here.

On November 23rd we shared this preview of Depth 5, and what PL15 miners will be able to do (spoiler: it’s digging in deadly mines!)

On November 25th we shared a helpful Crafting and Perks guide to tell you more about what types of equipment you will use throughout your expedition.

On November 28th we shared even more about Crafting and Perks, this time focused on Power Levels.

On November 29th we shared Sir Graverly Dapp, the winning Miner Holo Suit from the Halloween Concept Art Contest. Check out how good it looks!

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