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2 min readNov 14, 2022


To our valued players, partners, and community:

In light of the current uncertainty in the cryptocurrency markets, the Mines of Dalarnia team would like to reach out to all of our stakeholders.

Firstly, we would like to report that we had no exposure to FTX or FTX related assets, and held no funds on their exchange. As a matter of standard procedure, the project holds independent custody of all operational funds and does not participate in yield farming, loans, leverage, etc.

Between launching our project at the peak of a bull market, unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, and the systemic failure of several major industry players, the DAR token has seen sustained sell pressure. We would like to also state that at the present time, our operational budget is being sourced from funds we collected in our private sale and IFO. The team cannot control the market, but we are making an effort to avoid contributing to these pressures.

On the development front, we continue to work week in and week out to further expand the scope of the game world and provide regular improvements and updates. Since the launch of the game, we have pushed at least one update per week and intend to keep regular updates as part of our routine. The long term success of our project depends on expanding our player base while also ensuring that the game economy is properly balanced. Anti bot measures, land economy changes, and recent content updates like Deeper Depths have gone a long way to achieving this. We will continue to add new features and content while dynamically adjusting the economic parameters of the game as necessary.

It is often said that ‘bear markets are for building’ — our team has been in a continuous state of building since the inception of the project, and we are up to the challenge. We will continue to operate in a responsible fashion while working hard to deliver a quality product.

Minefully Yours,

Team Dalarnia

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