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Recently, we provided you with a comprehensive article about Modbots. Today, we are excited to share a Frequently Asked Questions article that includes your questions and those we believe can help address various queries.

This article is designed to offer clarity on different aspects of the Modbots feature. We understand that questions may arise, and our goal is to ensure you have the knowledge and guidance necessary to maximize your Modbots experience.

  1. Do I need to participate every day? 🎮

No, it’s not required but have in mind that during your absence Storms may happen on Luna Praxis and destroy your bots.

2. Can I buy all six bots in one blockchain transaction? Yes, it’s gas efficient and worth it but not necessary to buy all bots from the season day in a single transaction.

3. What happens if I don’t buy all of my six daily bots, will I be able to buy more on the next day? You don’t have to buy all of the bots per day, but the next day’s limit will still be six.

4. Can I track the history of Storms? Yes, in the Game UI you can see a daily message board and you can navigate by using the arrows to see which Storms already occurred this season.

5. Should I pay using DAR?

If you already have your resources then there is no need for DAR tokens, it may be worth it to keep some in case you’ll need to buy resources from the DEX.

6. Can I see my current percentage of the total pool?

Yes, it will not be ready by the start of the season, but it will arrive shortly after. Until then, we will be posting the total amount of chips mined by the community on our Discord server, so you will be able to compare your mined chips

7. Do I need to claim my rewards? 💰

Yes, claiming rewards is mandatory. You can do this in the game. Claiming time windows will be shared with you before the start of each season.

8. What if I’m not available during a storm?

Everything happens as usual, if you miss a couple of days in a row, you can backtrack the history in the daily message board.

9. Will we have just one season or more?

For now, the Beta season is scheduled which will last for 30 days, then after it ends, we’ll need some time to analyze data and discuss when to run another season.

10. The first season is called Beta, does it mean it may not work?

We extensively tested it, and on the backend everything runs properly. The season is called Beta because we want to see which features will be useful to make the playtime most convenient and fun.

11. Can I schedule a queue of my purchases for the next few days?

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t planned at the moment.

12. Is Terra Luna really gone? Why? I left my pickaxe there 😱

Please check Lost and Found on Dalarnia Planet sector 8. We store all the missing equipment there.

13. Do I keep my bots after the season ends?

Each season you need to deploy new modbots, which means you have equal chances to win every season.

14. After a storm, the Velocity of a newly purchased Minerbot changes, does the same happen to Defend and Efficiency?

No, only the Velocity may change.

15. Can I sell my bots?

No, bots aren’t any kind of blockchain token so you can’t sell it.

16. Can I sell Moonchips?

The same as bots, Moonchips aren’t tokens that can be sold.

17. Will I get XP for playing Modbots?

There is no XP gain for participating in the Beta season, but keep in mind that we have plans to redesign players’ progression, so it may change in the future.

18. Can I upgrade my bots to work better?

No, in Beta season there is no possibility to upgrade your bots.

19. Do storm events occur to all players or is it randomly generated per player’s wallet address?

The same storm always occurs to all players at the same time.

20. At what intervals will we earn the chips produced? Daily? Will it increase hourly?

The Velocity is “daily velocity”, so 100 velocity means that you mine 100 chips per day. But they are generated each second. If you have 480 velocity, it means 480 each 24h = 1 chip each 180 seconds.

21. If I buy bots at different times of the day, will there be a difference?

Yes, each bot will start to take effect at the precise moment they have been bought. So, if a Storm happens at 2pm UTC of a day, it will affect you differently depending on whether you purchase Defendbots and/or Repairbots before or after the Storm. Velocity mines your chips continuously. So, any Minerbots you purchase will start to mine chips for you right away, so the time of deployment will affect the amount of chips mined that day.

22. How many bots can we use at max? We can take six a day, but is there a limit?

We don’t have any hard limit, but keep in mind that each following bot costs one resource more, so it’s not an effective strategy to focus only on one type.

23. Do the bots we bought on the first day remain? Or are they deleted? So when we buy six bots on the second day, will there be a total of twelve bots?

Yes. bots exist for the duration of the whole season, and even after a storm, you will just add more to the amount already bought, keep in mind that their power after a storm may be reduced which you’ll see in your total and partial statistics.

24. Will there be a leaderboard?

We don’t have plans for a leaderboard in the Beta season.

25. After a storm, the Velocity on my modbots changed but my Total Velocity remained the same, is it a bug?

No, it’s not a bug. Changes in Velocity has no effect on Total Velocity, as it doesn’t affect Minerbots which were already bought.

26. How secure are modbots in preventing botters and cheaters? 🔐

We believe that we added enough security to make sure botters and cheaters are not able to cheat the system.

  • Firstly you need to be an active player with at least Rank 5 to be able to play Modbots in the Beta Season, this level can be increased in the following season if needed.
  • Secondly, for you to play Modbots you need to register your wallet inside the game client, and thus be logged in our server where we check for any anomalies, like multiple wallets, non-human users and banned players.
    Modbots is a 100% blockchain game, which means all state is recorded in the BNB network and can be retrieved by anyone, increasing not only the security but also the scrutiny.
  • Finally, We have a set of rules that make any possible cheater have a hard time to cash out.

Nevertheless we are here to improve our security to the top, and that’s why we are running a Beta Season first. At any point we can just pause the season, fix any security issues, and then continue it with the real players.

We hope this article has provided you with answers and valuable insights. We’re excited for you to embark on this new adventure with Modbots.

See you all in the mines, Dalarnians!

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