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Mines of Dalarnia
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Mines of Dalarnia

Welcome to The Gilded Mine!

In the upcoming major content update for Mines of Dalarnia: Deeper Depths, players will gain access to two challenging new Depths. The first, effectively Depth 4, will be the Gilded Mine.

Bathed in the glittering light of liquid gold waterfalls, The Gilded Mine is the primary source for the Gold Resource in the Dalarnia system. A minimum Power Level of 12 is required to enter, and the depth is always aspected with Rock, Crypt or Jungle variants.

Gilded Mines Mines of Dalarnia
Gilded Mines Mines of Dalarnia

Gameplay in the Gilded Mines and below will have major changes from the existing depths:

  • An entirely new map generation algorithm is used to create these levels.
  • Explore new, unpredictable cave networks with a wider variety of encounter areas and challenges.

The Gilded Depths are also significantly harder than existing 1.0 content. To help Miners survive, new Healing Helper-bots have been released into the depths. These friendly bots will refill Miner health, but are sometimes guarded by monsters.

New Monsters

The Gilded Mine introduces two new monster types.

Stalk Mines of Dalarnia

Stalks: Turret-like, stationary, burr-shooting plants. Stalks will fire on Dalarnian Miners relentlessly, applying debuffs and dealing damage.

Burrower Mines of Dalarnia

Burrowers: These digging creatures burst from beneath the ground when Miners least expect it, then tunnel back under to pursue their prey through the mine.

Burrower & Stalk Mines of Dalarnia

Each has three variants for Jungle, Rock and Crypt. More details on these new threats and other dangers in the Deeper Depths will be revealed in a future article!

A Golden Resource

Golden Equipment Mines of Dalarnia

The Gilded Depths rewards the new Gold Resource for successful digs.

Gold is used to create Golden Equipment, starting at PL12 and growing to PL15. Learn more in the Gold Equipment article here.

Gold will also be used as a supporting material for most high tier craftables, not unlike Copper.

Gold-Plated Injector

Gold-Plated Injector Mines of Dalarnia

Land owners will add this new depth to their plot by using a new Gold-Plated Injector on it. Using an injector on a plot will permanently add the new depth.

Injectors can be crafted using resources, but at 1.1 launch the number of injectors available will be limited. More details on Gold-Plated Injector availability will be announced soon.

So grab your pick and get ready to dive back into the mines, when MoD 1.1 Update: Deeper Depths launches this October!

Thank you for playing Mines of Dalarnia, see you in the mines!

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