Ragnarite Equipment

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2 min readOct 14, 2022

Greetings, Miners!

More new resources continue to emerge from the deepest depths of Dalarnia. Introducing the second of two pinnacle item sets in update 1.1 : Ragnarite.

Ragnarite Resource

A stormy new resource can be found in the thunderous, deepest depths of the unannounced Deepest Mines.

Adventurous miners will be able to collect and trade this new resource to craft powerful Ragnarite armor, picks and weapons after Mines of Dalarnia Version 1.1: Deeper Depths releases in October.

Ragnarite Equipment

Ragnarite equipment begins at Power Level 15, and can be upgraded 3 times, reaching a maximum Power Level of 18 — the same as the secondary pinnacle equipment Aquarite.

Creating a piece of Ragnarite Armor or a Ragnarite Pick requires burning a piece of upgraded Ozymodium Armor or Pick. The new equipment will retain the perks and aspects from the Ozy item it came from.

Wearing Ragnarite requires Miner Rank 14, and Crafting it requires Rank 16.

Ragnarite Pick
Ragnarite Equipment

Thank you for playing Mines of Dalarnia, see you in the mines!

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