Prepare for P2E! Mines of Dalarnia mainnet launch is on April 26th!

Mines of Dalarnia P2E Features

With the wait for mainnet coming to an end, we take a birds-eye look at the P2E economy built around Mines of Dalarnia!

Mines of Dalarnia will be integrated with BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain). Users will be required to use Metamask in order to interact with the game’s account system. Your saved progress is associated with the blockchain address you register. When you run Mines of Dalarnia for the first time, the game’s menu system will prompt you to complete the step that binds your account.

Features available to Players (Miners)

Mines of Dalarnia uses a ‘Freemium’ model that allows everyone to try the game by mining plots of the introductory moon planet, Luna Praxis. The mining plots on this planet are publicly owned by the game and award only the most basic materials. In order to progress past this point, players must acquire a Mining Pass NFT.

Mining Pass NFTs will be available for purchase through the game’s menu interface beginning on April 26th for the price of 20 DAR tokens. Once acquired, the player will have full access to the full game including the three additional launch planets. The majority of the plots on these planets are owned privately by other players. These plots award the rare and powerful resources that will allow miners to power up to the highest levels. Please note that the price of the Mining Pass NFT will be subject to change in the future in order to maintain a functional game economy.

Mines of Dalarnia
Mines of Dalarnia

The game will launch with an in-game exchange system.The Mines of Dalarnia in-game exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) where every resource other than NFTs can be bought and sold for DAR. This means it will always be possible for players to acquire what they need by spending DAR and also to sell resources they do not need in exchange for DAR.

The Mines of Dalarnia team recognizes that trading your hard earned resources, keeping a plot in mint condition, or otherwise progressing in the game should not be taxed, but encouraged. Therefore, the Mines of Dalarnia team provides liquidity for each trading pair and takes no fees on trades. This setup enables the gas fees to be at an absolute minimum and empowers the individual Dalarnian to decide what they do with their own resources.

In addition to the resource markets described above, players can also trade NFT based assets (Land Plots, Canary Birds, Mining Apes, etc.) with each other on third party trading platforms such as Opensea and NFTrade. For a detailed list with links, see the ‘NFT Markets’ section below.

Any player who owns a Land Plot NFT is considered a land owner and is eligible to receive DAR tokens when another player pays the rental fee to mine their plot. In order to keep the resource level of their plot replenished over time, they must acquire and use Terraforming Capsules.

The game will launch with automatic resource regeneration set to zero. This will ensure that plots with ‘absentee’ owners are eventually depleted of resources, giving the advantage to active landowners who are contributing to the game economy by maintaining their plots.

Over the longer term, it may be in the best interest of the game to increase the resource regeneration rate. This parameter will be reevaluated intermittently to ensure a functional and healthy game economy.

Landowners have the ability to mine their own plots, but must pay a small 0.02 DAR tax each time they do so. In addition, doing so will deplete the resources on the mined plot and in turn require the player to use Terraforming Capsules in order to keep their plots resource level at the maximum.

The following diagram has been shared in previous articles and gives a graphical representation of the resource and token flow created by the game economy. The central premise of the economic design is to ensure that both miners and landowners must be actively involved in order to effectively generate P2E revenue from the game. For example, someone who owns several plots and generates high rental revenue must acquire and expend Capsules to maintain them. Conversely, players who wish to acquire the strongest materials must contribute rental revenue to landowners.

Mines of Dalarnia Flow Diagram

At the current moment, there are three active markets for Mines of Dalarnia related NFTs. Please note that these NFTs are traded on third party exchanges which are not directly affiliated with Mines of Dalarnia. The following is a brief summary of the function of these NFTs along with a link to the relevant marketplace.

Land Plot NFTs exist on BNB Chain and represent ownership of Mining Plots on three launch planets (Terra Prime, Terra Simia, and Terra Caldera). Specific land location and attributes are not yet revealed, but will be prior to mainnet.

Canary Bird NFTs exist on BNB chain and are collectible versions of your robot bird companion, CANAR-E. The NFTs are of varying rarities and after a future update, possessing one will alter the in-game appearance of your CANAR-E.

Mining Ape NFTs exist on Ethereum and are randomly generated collectibles that were minted by early adopters of Dalarnia. These NFTs will NOT be imported into the game in the future, but are status symbols that offer the owner long term benefits within the Mines of Dalarnia ecosystem. So far, Ape holders were able to participate in an exclusive land sale and will also be airdropped Mining Pass NFTs. Future benefits could include NFT drops, DAR token rewards, and more.

Mines of Dalarnia

On April 26th, the mainnet version of the game will be made available for download from the Mines of Dalarnia website. Upon installing and running the game, you will be able to bind your BNB wallet to the game and start playing. The game will place you on Luna Praxis, and once you obtain a Mining Passport NFT you will be able to travel beyond to the other planets!

If you own a Mining Plot NFT, your land will be available for rent automatically, with rental revenue being delivered to your blockchain address (minus 5% tax). Your land’s resources will deplete as it is mined, and therefore landowners who actively replenish their land with Terraforming Capsules will have the most attractive mining plots that keep players coming back.

If you are a player and not a landowner, the key takeaway from the above is that all in game materials can be bought with DAR or sold for DAR at any time through the in game marketplace. So get out there and let’s dig in!

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Official Medium account for Mines of Dalarnia. Mines of Dalarnia is a blockchain action-adventure platform-mining game with a unique real estate market.