Patch Notes | Mines of Dalarnia Mainnet — Satellites & Salvage Bug Minor Update

Mines of Dalarnia
2 min readMar 9


Hi Miners!

This small patch fixes a few remaining outstanding bugs and issues with Update 1.2 : Satellites and Salvage. This is an optional update, Installing this version is not required to continue playing MoD.

PC and Mac Installers
Available from

Bug Fixes
• Fixed another bug that occurs with equipment energy after clicking Next Dig.
• Fixed several popups not appearing during the tutorial.
• Reduced enemy damage on Depth 3.
• Fixed a bug that very rarely caused maps to generate with no exits.

Known Issues
• Under certain circumstances it’s possible to have the miner enter mining pose while in the equipment screen on the Satellite.
• The gameplay HUD rarely disappears after using Return to Pod. Hitting ESC again will bring it back.
• Next Dig does not communicate how many digs remain. We will add a counter in a future update.

If you have any questions regarding this update, reach out to one of our channels listed below.










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