MoD Narrative Journal 4

Mines of Dalarnia
3 min readOct 27, 2022


Sir Wellington Inbye, Lietzau Corporation, Lunar Labor Unit 654
Luna Praxis, Metagalactic Mining Passport #0xBC4CA0E

C-VPN Message — Luna Praxis Orbital — 57 hours ago

They’re sending us down in 48 hours. I never thought I’d be sad to leave Praxis. This moon might be a prison, but at least it’s a safe one.

The Onemind built something new… some kind of satellite-delivered missile called a Planetary Injector. They say it terraforms even deeper underground. Reports came down the Beam that there’s a new kind of Gold on the Terras : shiny and conductive, but also hard. There’s plunder to be had.

What they failed to mention is if the “side effects” of terraforming have been fixed. I still have nightmares from that ambush on Terra Prime. Pig monsters. Bull rats. Whatever they’re called. Abominations!

Oh well, I’ve made as much peace as I can. Down I’ll go. Great Ape guard me.

C-VPN Message — Terra Simia — Refresh 002–3 hours ago

It’s beautiful down here. Rivers of gold!

A Digco group was heading back up when they crossed our path. They showed us a purple crystal that crackled with orange light. “From down below” is all they’d say about it. It was foolish to flaunt something so rare; Blades might have come out if Foreman Faultist hadn’t intervened.

I’m certain this strange new mineral wasn’t intended. The bosses would have sent us after it if they’d known, right? First accidental monsters, now unplanned ecosystems. The terraforming is getting less predictable by the day!

Sir Faultist lead half our team to check out some weird stalks growing on an escarpment to the West, so until they return we’re staying put. I know better than to volunteer for an expedition like that. They haven’t seen what I saw.

When they get back we’re going to decide if we go up or down.

Sir Wellington Inbye - Lietzau Corporation

C-VPN Message — Terra Simia — Refresh 003–18 minutes ago

Monsters everywhere! The stalks were alive! They covered Faultist and his team in poisonous burrs. The few who returned were drooling and incoherent. Then something burst from underneath the ground. Its claw-arms raked me. Thank the Ape for my Ozymodium Armor or I’d have been shredded.

The survivors scattered. In a panic I fell down a chute.

Now I’m deep — really deep — surrounded by crystalline formations, icy water, and silence. The crystals are beautiful, blue and cold. It looks like they’re full of liquid, but if you crack one it’s solid inside.

My beacon is still working. I could teleport back to the pods. Back to Lietzau, Luna Praxis, the unit… but what if I didn’t?

I hold in my hands a never-before-seen resource. I could find my own way up. I could climb and fight and reach the surface alone, and be free.


The above transmission was published to the Beam by the Phantom Ring, may many minds prevail.

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Mines of Dalarnia



Mines of Dalarnia

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