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Mines of Dalarnia
3 min readApr 26, 2022
Mines of Dalarnia

Mining Ape Mainnet Rewards! What to expect at launch and beyond

It’s a very busy time as we make all the preparations for mainnet launch, and we wanted to make sure we take some time to keep our Mining Ape NFT holders in the loop about what they should expect over the coming days, weeks and months.

A Dedicated Page on the Rewards Portal

We are currently in the process of finishing our rewards portal page for our website, which will include a dedicated section for Mining Ape holders that will be used to dispense rewards.

We are aiming to open the portal on launch day, but it may take some hours after the launch itself to go live. Rest assured that this item is on our priority list. Thank you for your patience during this incredibly busy time!

Rewards available immediately after portal launch

A snapshot will be taken in the hours leading up to launch day to determine eligibility for the rewards in this section.

Once the portal is open, all Mining Ape holders will be able to claim the following rewards:

  • A Mining Pass NFT, which grants access to the full game world
  • Cyber Armour Cosmetic NFT, which changes the appearance of your player in game (does not alter attributes/statistics)

In addition, all Mining Ape holders will also be airdropped:

  • 16 DAR tokens, which is provided as a preliminary bonus (perfect for trying out the game!) Please note, a second (larger) DAR airdrop which factors in HODL time and Ape rarity is still in the works and will come at a later date!

Rewards coming in the Near Future

The rewards in this section are not covered by the pre-launch snapshot.

  • As mentioned above, an additional airdrop of DAR tokens will take place which factors in how long an address has been holding their Mining Ape, as well as the rarity of the Mining Ape. Details and calculations for this event are still being finalized.
  • Monkey Helmet Cosmetic NFT — this NFT grants access to a super cool Ape helmet which changes the appearance of your player in-game (does not alter attributes/statistics). This item will be distributed once we finish the 3D model of the helmet.

What to expect in the Long Term

We will continue to work on special rewards for our Ape holders, which will be distributed through the rewards portal. Hold onto those Apes, miners! You never know when the next bonus will be coming!

About the Mines of Dalarnia Mining Ape NFT Collection

Mining Ape NFTs exist on Ethereum and are randomly generated collectibles that were minted by early adopters of Dalarnia. These NFTs will NOT be imported into the game in the future, but are status symbols that offer the owner long term benefits within the Mines of Dalarnia ecosystem.

Mining Ape NFTs can be bought and sold here:

See you in the Mines!

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