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Mines of Dalarnia
3 min readMar 6, 2024


Greetings, Dalarnians!

🎬 Are you ready to showcase your skills and creativity?

We present to you the Mines of Dalarnia Video Creation Challenge — a thrilling opportunity for you to showcase your gaming style. Create a video highlighting your top moves, strategies, and memorable in-game moments, whether conquering epic battles with monsters or navigating treacherous mines. We want to see your skills in action!

And, of course, there’s a prize! A total prize pool of $200 USDT awaits the most creative and engaging video creators!

How to Participate:

  1. Craft Your Video: Record your coolest Mines of Dalarnia moments! Show off epic battles or any part of the game you adore. Let your creativity shine through!
  2. Enhance Your Footage: Make your video extra cool by adding music, commentary, or special effects. Edit it to be engaging and exciting for everyone watching.
  3. Prepare Your Post: Before sharing, ensure your video follows platform rules and fits the time limit of up to 1 minute duration. Write a catchy caption and use our event hashtags #DAR #MinesofDalarnia.
  4. Share Your Creation: Time to go live! Share your video on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow and tag @MinesOfDalarnia and @DarOpenNetwork to get noticed!
  5. Spread The Word: Share your Mines of Dalarnia video everywhere! Post your tweet link on different platforms and get your gamer buddies involved. Ask them to like, retweet, and join the fun — let’s make the Mines of Dalarnia excitement go viral!
  6. Registration: After sharing your cool Mines of Dalarnia video, don’t forget to sign up officially! Just fill out the form to enter the contest.

Show your skills, have fun, and let’s make this event epic!

Winner Selection Criteria:

Wondering what it takes to be a Mines of Dalarnia Video Challenge champion?

We’re looking for videos that nail these four things:

  • Creativity and Originality (50 points): Show off your unique ideas! Get up to 50 points for being creative and original in your submissions. Let your imagination shine and bring something special to the table!
  • Entertainment Value (30 points): Keep it fun and interesting! Earn up to 30 points by making sure your video captures and holds the audience’s attention. Make it enjoyable for everyone watching.
  • Likes and Retweets (5 points): Get the community involved! Score up to 5 points based on how much engagement your content gets. The more likes and retweets, the better!
  • Technical Execution (10 points): Make it look good and sound great! Get up to 10 points for the technical aspects of your video, like its quality, editing, and any special effects you add.
  • Contribution to Community (5 points): Be an active participant! Earn up to 5 points by sharing your content on our Discord channel and getting positive reactions. Join in the community spirit of Mines of Dalarnia.

Winning Prizes:

1st Place:
The first-place winner receives a $DAR Token worth 100 USDT.

2nd Place:
The second-place winner is awarded a $DAR Token equivalent to 65 USDT.

3rd Place:
The third-place winner earns a $DAR Token valued at 35 USDT.

Good luck, and may the most creative and impactful videos take the spotlight!

This gaming party runs from March 6th to March 16th, 2024. So, grab your gear, start recording, and be part of this Mines of Dalarnia event!

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