Mines of Dalarnia V. 2.0 vs V. 1.0: Side-by-side comparison

Hello, Miners!

It has often been said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ In that spirit, we wanted to take the opportunity to present you with a series of side-by-side models comparing the original Mines of Dalarnia with the upcoming Version 2.0. Check it out!


The original version V.1.0 featured two switchable character models to switch between. V.2.0 will introduce a fully customizable character model that can change color, body armor, helmets, and more.


Pickaxes will also receive a significant graphical upgrade like all other in-game models. In V2.0, the design has also been changed to become a mechanical attachment instead of being swung by the character manually.


One of the most striking transformations is Canar-E, your trusty robot sidekick. What was originally a simple collection of shapes has been reimagined into a fully three-dimensional model.


While enemies in version 1.0 were somewhat primitive-looking, the updated models are far more threatening! Enemy behavior will also become more sophisticated, posing a genuine threat to unprepared adventurers.

Much more to come…

We hope you enjoyed today’s comparison. With V2.0 development progressing rapidly, we look forward to sharing more news regarding alpha testing in the near future.

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