Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.7: Pillars of Power

Mines of Dalarnia
3 min readApr 5, 2024


Hello there, Dalarnians!

Introducing the Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.7, called “Pillars of Power.” You know that we always want to bring you new experiences, and that’s what we did with this update. This update brings two new cool features to the depths and introduces a new campaign, along with exciting new rewards! So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Pillars and Elite Monsters

Let’s talk about the new most exciting thing in the Mines of Dalarnia: Pillars and Elite Monsters! Pillars are mysterious structures that appear after a plot is terraformed in the depths. As you approach these pillars, they will give you extra powers! These powers can build up with each encounter, granting a power boost until you resurface. Keep an eye out for holographic icons above each pillar, as they will show the powers you’ll gain.

Meanwhile, Elite Monsters are special, high-level versions of monsters that you will encounter in the depths. These elite versions of standard monsters boast heightened strength and resilience, posing a challenge to even the most seasoned miners! With increased health pools and the potential to inflict greater damage, these monsters promise to push your skills to their limits in the depths. So, get ready to take on tougher enemies and get some serious power with the pillars!

Types of Pillars

There are many Pillars you can encounter in the depths, one of which is the Wind Pillar.

Wind Pillars can:

  • Boost movement speed by 20%
  • Add 2 extra double jumps
  • Reduce dash cooldown by 35%
  • Trigger a unique wind attack with the dash
  • Deals 150% weapon damage
  • Delivers heavy knockback to surrounding enemies

The other pillars are for you to find out; there are six more waiting for you in the mines!

Pillars and Elites Campaign

Together with the launch of Update 1.7, we’re excited to introduce the “Pillars and Elites” to make your gaming experience even better. You will surely enjoy this new update! Don’t worry, even though this is new, a comprehensive step-by-step guide is readily available within the game.

In addition to these updates, there are also changes and improvements detailed in the game launcher. You will be able to check it out soon! And that’s a wrap for the Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.7!

So, are you excited to experience the Pillars and Elites Campaign? We’ll see you in the mines with those pillars very soon. Stay tuned, Dalarnians!

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