Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.2 : Satellites & Salvage Now Live on Testnet

Mines of Dalarnia
3 min readFeb 9, 2023

Welcome to Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.2: Satellites and Salvage

Explore the Dalarnian Planets in a new way with Off-chain Surface Salvage missions, accessible to all players including those without wallets. Collect Scrap and Bones to craft Boosters to power up your miner for difficult digs. Access the game more easily with new Off-Chain accounts. Finally, meet the community in the shared Multiplayer Shared Satellite hub! Now available in Update 1.2 : Satellites & Salvage on Testnet with Mainnet following soon.

Salvage Missions

Drop to the Dalarnian surface to mine Scrap from abandoned ships and gather Bones from defeated enemies.

This new feature is meant to help onboard new players with Off-Chain Account access that encourages upgrading to a wallet connected account. Running a Salvage Mission costs no gas or dig fee and rewards only non-tradable, Off-Chain resources.

Scrap, Bones, and Boosters

Scrap and Bones can be used to craft a new non-tradable consumable item called a Booster. Boosters give temporary, powerful benefits to the Miner in paid Digs.

Some example Boosters are:

  • Large max HP increase
  • Chance to spawn Healer Bots on enemy kills
  • Enemies Explore on death

This will make the standard digs easier to complete successfully for new players, and give high end players more flexibility with gearing for harder depths. Most importantly, it will provide us the ability to create future content that would currently be extremely difficult to complete.

Revised Login Flow

Mines of Dalarnia will become much easier to access in Satellites & Salvage with a new login flow that does not require a wallet to enter the game.

New players can opt to create a traditional game account and access all parts of MoD that do not require blockchain interactions, including the new Salvage content. Migrating an Off-Chain account to an On-Chain account is as easy as connecting a wallet at any time. This will help bring new players into the game and smooth out the process of learning and getting into MoD.

Multiplayer Share Satellite

Join the Miners of Dalarnia in Mines of Dalarnia’s new Multiplayer Shared Space.

The Shared Satellite will become the Hub of Mines of Dalarnia, through which players will access game content.

See other miners, emote, test your damage on training dummies, and even play football in the basement, based on Ape Holder testnet feedback! Thank you to the community for participating in the testnet and giving great support.

And More…

Satellites & Salvage will include numerous other small changes, improvements, polish and bug fixes.

Coming soon to Mainnet.

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