Mines of Dalarnia : The Crystal Caverns and the Storm Tunnels

Mines of Dalarnia
3 min readOct 21, 2022

The Deeper Depths

Face the most deadly threats and earn the most powerful resources in the deepest depths of the Darlania planets in Update 1.1 : Deeper Depths.

The Crystal Caverns shine with blue and green reflections from massive subterranean formations of Aquarite.

Crystal Cavern

The Storm Caverns are a realm of ice and fire, where snow flurries melt on superheated shards of Ragnarite.

Storm Tunnel

A minimum Power Level of 15 is required to enter either of these deepest depths, which are always aspected with Rock, Crypt or Jungle variants.

Land owners can upgrade their land with a Gold-Plated Injector to add both the Gilded Mine, which requires PL 12 to play, and a second, even deeper depth, selected randomly from either the Crystal Cavern or the Storm Tunnels. Gold-Plated Injectors will be limited in availability; more details coming soon.

Gold-Plated Injector

Gameplay in the deepest depths includes stalks and burrowers, plus unique hazards: falling stalactites, exploding poison gas pods, and dripping toxic slime.

Crystal Cavern

These levels use an upgraded map generation algorithm to create more unique mines with new challenges and less-predictable resource and enemy distributions. For example Red Gems will no longer appear in a cluster near the bottom, but will be scattered around the mine in dangerous spots, guarded by monsters or hazards. Healing Helper-bots will appear on these depths too. Collect these friendly bots to regain lost health and dig ever deeper!

A Powerful Pair

The Deepest Depths reward the new Aquarite Resource and Ragnarite Resource, respectively.

Aquarite and Ragnarite Resources

These are used to create Aquarite and Ragnarite Equipment, starting at PL15 and growing to PL18. In the future they will be used to upgrade the PL14 Elite Armors to higher PLs as well. This is the pinnacle of power in MoD.

Aquarite and Ragnarite Amors

Aquarite is flexible, light equipment that increases movement speed and weapon damage, while solid and heavy Ragnarite increases defense and chance to critical hit.

Mining on the deeper depths also rewards bonus Miner XP, allowing miners to level up faster.

So grab your Pick and get ready to challenge the darkest corners of the mines when MoD 1.1 Update : Deeper Depths launches this October!

Thank you for playing Mines of Dalarnia, see you in the mines!

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