Mines of Dalarnia Testnet — Update 1 Patch Notes (03.08.2022)

Mines of Dalarnia Testnet 2.0

This first weekly Testnet update focuses on closing bugs and issues reported by testers while polishing and balancing various aspects of gameplay. Also bombs. Thank you to our testers for their excellent feedback and testing this week.

Bombs were added to the game! Miners begin each run with 5 powerful bombs.

Mines of Dalarnia Testnet 2.0 gameplay

Patch Notes:

  • Added Bombs!
  • Rebalance Perks on Mining Tools. Previously generated Mining Tools will automatically be updated to the new perk values.
  • Mine Exit Portals now appear on the compass radar. Look for a white diamond.
  • Rebalance and improved point scaling during runs. Earning 1–5 stars should be more consistent and more balanced.
  • 0 and 1 star runs now give greatly reduced rewards. No more quitting for free copper!
  • Updated Gameplay Hud UI to be more legible and consistent.
  • More fixes for bugs that can occur when opening/closing digs. “There are no remaining digs to complete” should be fixed (again)
  • New control schemes for gamepad and desktop. Gamepad players can now use the left stick aim their pick, as well as use the shoulder buttons to dig, attack, jump and toss bombs. Desktop players can now use the arrow keys for directional digging.
  • Improvements to miner animations and movement. Players can jump more quickly after attacking, move forward less when attacking, and a few other tweaks.
  • Fixed drop pod sound effects being out of sync.
  • Added additional difficulty scaling tiers based on how above or below the player is relative to the power level of the depth they are attempting to dig.
  • Improvements to Moth monster AI to prevent them from hanging out “inside” the walls so often.
  • Reduced max range for bullrat knockback effect when crashing into a wall.
  • The correct plot name and location appears during the extraction sequence.
  • Sound and Music volume settings are now saved between sessions.
Mines of Dalarnia Testnet 2.0 gameplay
  • Though many have been fixes, some blockchain operations can still get users into a broken game state.
  • Attempting to start a dig while a crafting operation is occurring causes a transaction error.
  • Retry button needed for some Blockchain operations (for when event does not appear in wallet). Particularly after completing a dig.
  • Inventory is not syncing with the blockchain sometimes, causing owned picks to not appear, or picks owned by previous user to appear, when changing computers or accounts. This is a display bug only, you cannot interact with other users NFTs this way, the UI is just confused and displaying their inventory.
  • Uninstalling does not clean up some registry entries, leaving unnecessary clutter and preventing “uninstall and reinstall” from being a solution to some issues.
  • Current miner Power Level is not clearly messaged in-game (especially on Navigator)
  • Error popup for why you can’t dig on a depth due to power level is confusingly worded.
  • Bombs bounce off of some clutter elements (ie: grass).
  • Navigator screen map does not snap to current miner location.
  • Energy is not well explained in-game.
  • Energy does not always regenerate overnight.
  • Players can get trapped with no energy on a plot they cannot dig with starter / current pick.
  • Energy has no cap.
  • Gameplay Hud sometimes shows incorrect plot information (ie. wrong depth). This is a display bug only.
  • Gameplay frame rate performance can be bad on laptops and macs.
  • UI screens require too much “back and forth” and could use shortcuts to move between them.
  • Gamepad navigation on the UI screens is not polished.

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