Mines of Dalarnia May 2022 Recap

Mines of Dalarnia
2 min readJun 1, 2022


Mines of Dalarnia

Greeting, Miners!

May has been another eventful month for the project, culminating in the launch of our first limited time mining event, Quicksilver Mines! We are working diligently to provide a reliable product with a dynamically adjusting, well-balanced game economy. We recommend following our Telegram announcement channel and joining our Discord server to stay up to date.

Development Highlights

  • We added a Land Management screen to game UI for landowners
  • Numerous updates to NFT metadata to expand appear correctly on sites like NFTrade
  • After the first week, we pushed several updates to patch security issues and address exploits being carried out from the client side of the application
  • Added the Quicksilver Mines
  • There is now an official report ticket channel on Discord for player support
  • On May 4th, we pushed a major update revamping the Energy system, expanding bot security and improving usability
  • On May 6th, we pushed an update to resolve front running problems on the resource DEX, as well as adding UI improvements throughout the game
  • On May 19th, we published this update which delivered UI/UX improvements including customizable gas prices and slippage settings
  • Also on May 20th, we applied a hot-fix to improve the economic balance of Terraforming Capsules
Mines of Dalarnia Quicksilver Event
  • On May 26th, we released the Quicksilver Mines, ushering in the first limited time event in Mines of Dalarnia history!
  • We released the first in a series of eyewitness reports from inhabitants of the Dalarnian World — the first report is from Special Operative Estelle Alloy, describing the transformation of a dead world to a flourishing ecosystem through use of a Terraforming Capsule. Check out this and all future reports to dive deeper into the lore of the Dalarnian world!

Coming up June

  • More content, features, bug fixes, security improvements and economy adjustments!
  • The Quicksilver Mines event will run until June 23rd — don’t miss your chance to earn a limited edition suit of Quicksilver Armor
  • Weekly game updates will now be delivered every Thursday
  • Mines of Dalarnia will make an appearance at NFT.NYC, taking place from June 20–23!
  • More news and announcements as they become available

Join our channels:

Discord: discord.com/invite/minesofdalarnia

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