July 2022 Recap and Development Update

Mines of Dalarnia

Greeting Miners!

July Highlights

  • On July 8th, we published the July Developer’s Letter which detailed the primary development effort that will take place during July and August.
  • Check out this recap of the action from NFT NYC, which was attended by CEO Keith McCollough in June!
  • Project Lead Manfred Pack appeared for an AMA session with BlockTalksDiscussion on July 12th.
  • Check out this brand new, exciting Mines of Dalarnia gameplay trailer. (Scroll to 1:20 to see some simulated footage of an exciting feature coming to the game in the future!)
  • Here is a short YouTube video featuring the awesome Cat Armor. To view and trade all available cosmetics for MoD, check out our market on NFTrade!
  • On July 14th, we pushed a significant security update which added Captchas while opening crates. This feature is key to preventing botnets from exploiting the game economy.
  • On July 21st, we pushed a significant gameplay update which enabled exotic Canar-E skins! In order to unlock the additional perks and cosmetic upgrade, your address must hold a Canar-E NFT. Read more about this update here.
  • We are pleased to announce the Concept Art Contest, Volume 1: Halloween Edition! Check the article for your chance to have your ideas featured in the game and win cool prizes!
  • On July 28th, we pushed a significant game mechanics update which added a Miner Rank system. This feature is important for giving players more to do in the game and greatly expands the possibilities for our game and character progression system in the long term.
  • Data collected between the July 14th security update and the end of the month indicates that we have shut down the largest botnet operating on Mines of Dalarnia. This is a huge step towards building a game economy that rewards honest players while filtering out exploits. Stick with us, as we have big plans to build an engaging and sustainable game economics!
  • DAR was listed on Binance US, and trading began on July 26th!

Coming up in August

  • More content, features, bug fixes and security improvements!
  • Weekly game updates are delivered every Thursday
  • More news and announcements as they become available

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Mines of Dalarnia



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