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2 min readJan 30, 2024

Howdy, Dalarnians!

We hope you’re thoroughly enjoying the 1.6: Journey to Dalarnia update, tackling those resilient bullrats, and conquering Foreman Sheldon’s challenging missions! Get ready for the thrilling updates coming your way this February!

As you’ve noticed, there have been some changes in the economy, which are part of our monthly economic revision introduced to you in the Replenishment Capsule Update. The game economy has been working efficiently, and to maintain its health, we’ve returned the bonus to its regular value. We’ve shared more details about this under the Time Bonus topic on the Key Updates.


As emphasized in the article, we are enthusiastic about the potential for positive rebalances in the key aspects listed below. It’s crucial to note that for the most part, we will only implement minor changes, if any. Our dedicated focus is on introducing purposeful and modest economic adjustments to enhance the overall Mines of Dalarnia experience.

1. Time Bonus

For the month of February, the rebalance exclusively affects the Time Bonus.

When we introduced the Terraformed Economy Update, we gifted Dalarnians with an enhanced Time Bonus. Throughout this period, your rewards allowed you to collect up to 50% more of the usual amount of resources. Upon the release of the 1.6 update last January 25, we restored the Time Bonus to its original values range of 1.0–1.5x.

2. Replenishment Capsule Price

There are no adjustments to Replenishment Capsule prices.

3. Rent Price

There are also no adjustments to the rent price.

4. Deeper Depths Upgrade Price

It is not currently released, but stay tuned for future updates and more information.

5. Players Progression

New player progression has been introduced in the recent update and we’ll look closely on the rewards track.

We also want to inform you that this time our monthly update arrived a few days earlier, as we needed to release it alongside the new launch update. For future community updates, we will be sharing these Economy updates with you, so you will all be aware of the planned changes ahead of time.

As we wrap up this update, we want to remind you about the upcoming Modbots Season 1, kicking off on February 1st! Be sure to stay protected from upcoming storms and get your rewards. Stay tuned, Dalarnians! 🚀

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