Mines of Dalarnia Community Bulletin: Genesis Wallet Allocation will take place on Thursday March 23rd

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4 min readMar 21, 2023

To our valued community,

The Dalarnia team has scheduled the Genesis Wallet allocation for Thursday March 23rd at 11:00 AM UTC. This event will result in several on-chain movements — in order to provide full transparency and keep all stakeholders informed, the following article will provide a comprehensive overview of all of the allocations, their functions, and the associated wallets.

It should be noted that there are no changes to the tokenomic release schedule, DAR tokens are simply being moved on-chain to improve both organization and transparency which is in the best long term interest of all stakeholders.

Total Overview DAR Tokens and Current Unlocked Percentage

Wallet Allocations & Links

  • Foundation Reserve




  • Marketing





  • Ecosystem




  • Team & Advisors




  • Private Sale


  • Play-to-Earn





Wallet Explanations


These tokens are used to fund the development and maintenance of our ecosystem. This includes activities such as creating new features and tools, integration with other projects, covering internal network costs such as gas fees, and general technological improvements. Ecosystem tokens are also spent to cover the cost of our servers, domains, and other applications which are necessary to keep the project running as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Foundation tokens are currently managed by the MoD Foundation, and are used for a variety of initiatives designed to make Mines of Dalarnia more decentralized and sustainable in the long term. Currently, the Foundation’s efforts are focused on developing a system for decentralized governance and building strategic partnerships with other companies within the gaming industry.


The goal of this allocation is to help the project reach its target audience by increasing awareness and ultimately building the MoD player base. Marketing tokens are used to cover the cost of attending live events and conferences, advertising on social media, running cross promotions on cryptocurrency platforms, and working with influencers. We plan to significantly increase our marketing efforts later this year — currently, we are focused on expanding the feature set of the game and ensuring that new players step into a world that offers the best possible user experience.

Team & Advisors

The tokens allocated for the team and advisors are used to compensate them for their work on the project. This could include a salary, bonuses, or other forms of reward. The amount and structure of the compensation is decided according to the roles and responsibilities of each team member and advisor.

Private Sale

These tokens are reserved for the investors who participated in our private sale. These tokens are vested and periodically unlocked once every three months until October 2025 in accordance with the terms of the private sale. Some notable participants in our private sale included Animoca Brands, NGC, Bitscale, Crypto.com and Coin98.

P2E (Play to Earn)

These tokens are used to fund rewards related to play-to-earn features and events. As an example, this year we plan to use P2E tokens as rewards for Mining Ape Holder Quests and various Leaderboard competitions.


These tokens are used to maintain sufficient liquidity for DAR trading pairs across both centralized and decentralized exchanges. As part of these efforts, we work with top market makers from across the crypto industry.

Binance Launchpool

The Mines of Dalarnia launch included participation in the Binance Launchpool program. These tokens are fully unlocked and have already been transferred to the public.

PancakeSwap IFO

The Mines of Dalarnia launch included a PancakeSwap IFO. These tokens are fully unlocked and have already been transferred to the public.

Team Dalarnia is fully committed to providing a high standard of transparency for our community. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our channels listed below.

Thanks everyone for your trust and we’ll see you in the mines!

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