Mines of Dalarnia 2.0 Screenshots, Clips and Analysis!

Mines of Dalarnia 2.0

Hello Miners!

Navigator System

Mines of Dalarnia 2.0 Navigator System

Revamped Inventory Mechanics

Mines of Dalarnia 2.0 Inventory Mechanics

Enhanced Backgrounds and Lighting Effects

Mines of Dalarnia v.1.0 vs v.2.0

Improved Character Models and Interaction

Mines of Dalarnia v.2.0 character model

Advanced Enemy models and behavior

Mines of Dalarnia v.2.0 enemies models

Additional weapon choices and animations, with a load out system

Mines of Dalarnia v.2.0 weapon and tools model

More to Come…

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Mines of Dalarnia



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Mines of Dalarnia

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