Mines of Dalarnia: 1.6 Journey to Dalarnia Patch Notes

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3 min readJan 25, 2024


Journey to Dalarnia includes the new player on-boarding campaign, player progression 2.0, and other onboarding, quality of life, and gameplay improvements. Starting with this update, Windows patches will be delivered through the new Mines of Dalarnia Launcher.

PC and Mac Installers

Available from http://www.minesofdalarnia.com

Launcher (Windows)

  • The previous game installer download has been replaced with an installer for the new Mines of Dalarnia Launcher.
  • This beta version of the launcher will allow players to install and update the game client, as well as view patch notes.

Onboarding Campaign

  • Upon first logging in, players are now encouraged to enter the new player onboarding campaign entitled Welcome to Dalarnia.
  • This can also be launched from the new Campaigns menu, accessible from the top-right of the UI.
  • Completing the Welcome to Dalarnia campaign will award a two-week mining pass.

Player Progression 2.0

  • Update 1.6 will bring the new Player Progression, which is faster than the old one.
  • All players will be converted to the new levels, taking into account their current Miner Rank.
  • All players that are already in Miner Rank 20, will be updated to Miner Rank 30 and will start the new progress on Miner level 30.
  • All players who unlocked possibility to craft/wear an equipment will be able to do so.
  • Miner Ranks have been extended into the hundreds.
  • The Miner Rank interface has been redesigned to show the current level and earned rewards only.
    - Click the ? button to see the full-level chart.
  • Earning levels in the new system will award resources and items. These rewards can be claimed from the Miner Rank interface.
  • We might change what is rewarded on each level up in the future, along with the other monthly economy rebalances.

Changes and Improvements

  • The moon has been removed as a destination for mining.
    - All players currently on the moon will be moved to one of the three planets, and new players will start on a random planet.
    - A mining pass is still required to mine on the planets.
  • New gameplay movement options have been added.
    - Jump height is now controllable by holding the jump button longer.
    - A new dash allows miners to quickly move left or right. Bound to Shift on keyboards and RB on controllers by default.
  • Improved item browser in equipment screen, including new search and filter options.
  • Maximum bonus multiplier in digs has been reduced from 2.0 to 1.5.
  • Fixed WalletConnect issue for players in some regions.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the right stick on gamepad would pause the game.
  • Improved Bullrat AI across all game modes.
  • Bullrats now drop 5 bones in salvage missions (previously 3).
  • Offchain holos now have a Mint option visible through the equipment screen.
  • It is once again possible to upgrade [Original] tagged items to Deeper Depths items.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the satellite after climbing on an object.
  • Fixed connection issue when joining Space Hop lobbies with a high ping.
  • Various UI fixes, changes, and polish.

Known Issues

  • Offchain miners will not see the crafted Dalarnian Pick/Armor in the menu, just the button to connect wallet.

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