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Mines of Dalarnia

You may have noticed this character on our recent marketing materials:

This new character is the first of the new character models that will be introduced starting with version 2.0, which will be released soon. Version 2.0 will be our most noticeable update yet — stay tuned for more information!

We have received feedback from our community that several players are requiring an infusion of Dalarnia tokens in order to continue buying and renting plots in their quest for the most powerful gear. In response, we have activated the WELCOME2MOD until the 11th of October at 16:30 CET. This code can be used as a boost for new players, or as a quick way to put 50 Dalarnia tokens in your existing account. Use the following instructions to apply the one time use code:

1. Create a Chromia testnet wallet at If you already have a wallet, you can skip this step.

2. Go to and ensure you are signed in using your wallet account from Step 1

3. Click the settings gear at the top left on the main landing page

4. Open the ‘Code Redeem’ tab and click the box that says ‘Enter Code’

5. Type WELCOME2MOD into the box and click the Redeem button

‘WELCOME2MOD’ Mines of Dalarnia

The development team values all the feedback received by our community testers. Use the code, get yourself back in the game, and keep the feedback coming! We are hard at work and more updates will be released very soon!

/team MoD

Mines of Dalarnia



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