Dalarnian Almanac: Mining Plots, Part 3

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Mines of Dalarnia Mining Plots, P3

Welcome back, Dalarnians!

In the first part of this series, we gave an introduction to the mining plot system in Mines of Dalarnia. You can read it by following this link:


In the second part of this series, we covered the depth system, the power level system, planet types and biomes. You can read it by following this link:


Today, we will discuss the mining plot ownership and rental system in further detail. Topics discussed will include:

  • The mining plot system in general
  • Public vs private plots
  • Land ownership and rental fees
  • Land upkeep

Let’s dig in!

The Mining Plot System

As discussed in Part 1, each planet in the Dalarnian universe is divided into a grid system with each square of the grid representing a mining plot. The first planet in the game will be called Terra Prime, with many more planets to come in the future.

The Mining Plot System Mines of Dalarnia

Land Ownership

Mining plots will be represented by NFTs, providing users with the opportunity of true ownership. These private lands will be acquired in land sale events using DAR tokens and will generate revenue via being rented out to other players who wish to mine them by paying DAR tokens.

Land Ownership Mines of Dalarnia

Public Plots vs Private Plots

Approximately 10–20% of the land in Mines of Dalarnia will be public lands, owned by the game and available to all players. These public lands are necessary in order to offer new players a starting point in the game and can also be used for special events or other promotions.

The resources available in public lands will be common and there will be limits on how often players can mine them. These restrictions are designed to ensure that the game generates value for private landowners. Users can rest assured that the investments they make into land ownership and upkeep will be respected by the protocol.

The Rental System

In order to upgrade equipment and achieve a higher power level, players must mine for specific resources. Since these resources can only be acquired in specific mining plots, players are incentivised to pay DAR ‘rental’ fees to landowners in order to mine their plots.

Interface Mines of Dalarnia

By acquiring plots containing the rarest and most desirable resources and maintaining them, users can control desirable real estate that command the highest rental fees.

Land Maintenance

The resources available in a mining plot diminish over time as mining sessions are initiated. In order to keep their land attractive to prospective renters, landowners must perform upkeep on their plots by using consumable items called Terraforming Capsules. These capsules replenish the resources available in a mining plot (they DO NOT change the distribution or types of resources).

Terraforming Capsules will be entirely player generated and traded. They can either be crafted by expending mined resources and a DAR fee, or they can be purchased on the marketplace directly from other miners. Due to this mechanic, it is conceivable that a player could perform a ‘job’ of farming resources for Terraforming Capsules in order to sell on the open market to landowners.

Constantly Improving and Evolving

As we continue to build out the game and observe the evolution of the in-game economies that are organically formed by players, the mechanics of the land ownership, upkeep and rental system will continue to evolve.

As time goes on, the team envisions increasing the governance power available to players in order to ensure that a proper balance is maintained by all stakeholders.

Development environment screenshot Mines of Dalarnia

This concludes our three part series on Mining Plots. Keep an eye out for more entries to the Dalarnian Almanac in the future!

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