Mines of Dalarnia

Nov 30, 2021

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Dalarnian Almanac: Mining Plots, Part 2

Mines of Dalarnia Mining Plots, P2

Welcome back, Dalarnians!

  • The 3 depth system of increasing difficulty and loot quality
  • The power level system that determines which plots and depths you can mine
  • Planet types
  • Biome types and how they will affect gameplay
  • Biome specific power levels that further restrict the plots and depths you can mine

The Depth System

The Depth System Mines of Dalarnia

The Power Level System

The Power Level System Mines of Dalarnia

How do I upgrade my equipment?

  • Players who wish to buy powerful equipment using DAR tokens as a ‘shortcut’ can do so
  • A player who wants to earn an income can systematically upgrade and sell off powerful gear on the open market (“gear farming”)
  • A player who wants to become powerful through time expended in the game can acquire many of the required resources by ‘grinding’

Planet Types

Planet Types Mines of Dalarnia

Biomes on Terra Prime

Terra Prime Biomes Mines of Dalarnia
  • Terra (standard)
  • Jungle
  • Rock
  • Crypt


  • Every mining plot belongs to a planet type and has three depths of progressive difficulty. Each depth may additionally belong to a specific biome
  • In order to mine a specific plot and depth, a player must possess a high enough power level
  • For depths that belong to a specific biome, a player must also possess a high enough biome aspect power level
  • The planet type and biome together determine the nature of the monsters and other environmental hazards found
  • A player’s power levels are determined entirely by the equipment they wear
  • Equipment can be crafted, upgraded, and also bought and sold on the open market

Look out for Part 3!

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