Dalarnian Almanac: Game Economics, Part 2 — Mining Plot Owners

Mines of Dalarnia Game Economics

Greetings Miners!

We hope you enjoyed our first Almanac series on the Mining Plot System. If you missed it, you can find the three part series following the links below.

Mining Plots, Part 1

Mining Plots, Part 2

Mining Plots, Part 3

In the Game Economics series, we will discuss the game’s economy from the perspective of the Miners (players) and Mining Plot owners. We will also explore the economic relationships and opportunities created by the design of the Dalarnian world. Along the way, you will learn about the various forms of NFTs and other tokenized items that will be acquired and traded both inside and outside of the game.

Read Game Economics, Part 1 here, where we focus on the functions of miners (players) within the game economy.

Part 2 will primarily focus on the function of Mining Plot Ownership. Let’s dig in!

TLDR Summary

For those who like a quick synopsis, here is the key points from this Almanac entry:

  • Mines of Dalarnia offers two roles: Miners and Mining Plot Owners. Players don’t have to stick with just one role and can participate in both aspects of the game at any time.
  • Players become plot owners by acquiring an NFT representing a plot of land within the game. These can be acquired during land sale events, or purchased on NFT marketplaces
  • Plot Owners charge rental fees to players who wish to mine their plots. The more desirable the resources, the higher the demand and revenue will be for the owner
  • Plot Owners perform upkeep on their land using consumable items called Terraforming Capsules. Maintaining land is key to attracting miners!
  • Plot Owners can sell and trade their lands with other users through NFT marketplaces
Mines of Dalarnia A Terraforming Capsule


As discussed in Part 1, users do not have to choose between being a miner or a mining plot owner. They can do one or both at any time they choose.

Becoming a Mining Plot Owner

The only requirement for becoming a plot owner is acquiring an NFT representing a mining plot. These NFTs currently exist on Binance Smart Chain under this contract address.

Mining Plots are acquired through land sale events held by the team, or by purchasing them on third party NFT marketplaces. When using any NFT marketplace, ensure you are using the correct contract address.

Rental Revenue

When a player wishes to do a mining run on a plot, they must pay DAR tokens to the owner of the NFT representing that plot. In this way, plots generate revenue for their owners.

Maintaining an Attractive Plot

In order to keep mining yields on your plot as high as possible and attract rentals, owners must use consumable items called Terraforming Capsules. These can be crafted using resources acquired via mining or purchased from other users on the open market. This maintenance mechanic ensures that plot owners contribute to the game’s economy while also benefiting from it.

A Balanced Economy

The flow chart above is a fast and easy way to view all of the interconnected relationships that will exist in the Dalarnian economy. The vision for the game is a balanced and flexible experience that leaves it up to each user how they want to harness the P2E opportunities presented by the game world.

Keep an eye out for Part 3 of this series, where we will discuss various case studies and examples of users finding their own unique path to prosperity within the Mines of Dalarnia economy!

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Mines of Dalarnia




Official Medium account for Mines of Dalarnia. Mines of Dalarnia is a blockchain action-adventure platform-mining game with a unique real estate market.

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Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia

Official Medium account for Mines of Dalarnia. Mines of Dalarnia is a blockchain action-adventure platform-mining game with a unique real estate market.

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