Beginners Guide: Basic Gameplay, Mineral Types and Terrestrial Mines Explained

Hello, miners!

“Terrestrial Mines” in the Mines of Dalarnia
“Upgrade” in the Mines of Dalarnia

Basic Minerals

Falun Copper
Iron Ore
Saganite Crystals
Silver Nugget

Exotic Minerals

Petrified Neon
Frozen Magmatite
Ragnorite Gemstone
Kaleidoscopic Amber
Atlas Stone
Crystalized Plasma
Aquarite Crystal
Plutos Pearl
Galaxy Geode
Void Pearl
Stellar Shards
Gold Nugget
Enemies of the Terrestrial Mines in the Mines of Dalarnia

Types of Enemies:

Challenge Level

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a free action game with a unique blockchain real-estate market. It is coming soon on mainnet with P2E integration.