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3 min readMar 26, 2024


Hey, Dalarnians!

Get ready for a big change in the Ape Quest, starting this April 1, 2024!

You may or may not have joined this quest yet, so let’s recap! To participate in the Monthly Ape Quests, you need to have a Mining Ape NFT in your wallet before the snapshot at the start of each month at 12 AM UTC.

From the old Ape Quest, the same 150 $DAR reward, snapshot time, and one quest per ape limit remain unchanged.

But there are changes coming — the Ape Quest will no longer be in the competitions; it will now be in mining!

New Ape Quest Details

Starting from April 1st, a completely new ape quest will be live! It’s all about mining and earning rewards not just from the resources you gather but also from your ape friends!

  • One Ape quest requires finishing 10 digs. Each dig requires having 25 fragments in your bag for validation.
  • If you own multiple apes, you need to complete a maximum of 7 quests for all of them. This equates to a total of 70 digs, each requiring 25 fragments, if you have more than 7 mining apes.
  • To complete your quest, you can dig on any plot you choose.
  • Previously, joining a competition allowed you to finish 5 attempts, requiring you to wait for the next competition to start before completing the remaining 5 attempts for that quest. Now, you have the option to finish all quests in a single day.

The remaining funds for Ape Quests amount to 961,200 $DAR, with 838,800 $DAR already distributed as rewards.

Moving Ape Quest from Competitions to Mining

To make Ape Quests more accessible, affordable, and meaningful, we have decided to transfer its criteria from Competitions to Regular Mines. We are aware that competitions can be challenging due to the limited attempts per day and fixed prices, and rewards are limited to only a few. Therefore, we believe that moving the Ape Quest in regular mining is better.

This approach grants players greater flexibility to finish quests at their own pace, enabling them to complete all tasks within a single day. Moreover, players can reap rewards not only from quests but also from regular mining.

Competitions Will Be Temporary Paused

As we want to work more on competitions and turn them into special events, competitions will be temporarily paused. We believe that, at present, competitions do not provide enough enjoyment for players, and we want to enhance them to ensure they are more enjoyable for everyone.

Note: Your rewards will be still claimable for 30 days after you play a competition. Now that there are no competitions, we’re shifting our focus to using the play-to-earn allocation in more exciting ways. Stay tuned as we unveil more about these plans in the upcoming months!

With these exciting changes to our Ape Quest, we eagerly await your participation as we strive to make this quest even more enjoyable and rewarding! Don’t forget to spread the word to your fellow players. Until our next update, Dalarnians!

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