Announcing the Mines of Dalarnia Testnet Rewards Promotion!

Mines of Dalarnia
4 min readApr 20, 2022


Mines of Dalarnia

With mainnet set for launch on April 26, we are planning to reward the playtesters of both V1 and V2 with some great prizes!

Shortly, we will be opening a rewards portal accessible from our website, which will dispense these prizes. Please note that the rewards are available to withdraw after the game launch on mainnet on April 26th.

The MoD community has been an invaluable resource for testing over the last year, and we are pleased to offer this initiative as a ‘thank you’ from all of us at Team Dalarnia.

Does this promotion apply to me?

This promotion applies to you if (a) you were one of the V2.0 testers, or (b) you played the V1 testnet version using a Chromia Vault account. There are two separate promotions: V1 rewards and V2 rewards. Check each section for details.

V2 Rewards:

If you were a V2 tester (the new version on BNB Testnet), you will be eligible to perform a claim transaction through our rewards portal and receive the following:

  • A Mining Pass NFT
  • A unique cosmetic “Cat Skin” armor NFT
  • A unique cosmetic “Cat Skin” helmet NFT
  • 20 DAR tokens
Mines of Dalarnia V2 Testers Skin Reward
Mines of Dalarnia V2 Testers Skin Reward

All users who tested V2.0 are eligible. Receiving these rewards does not exclude you from the V1 rewards promotion.

V1 Rewards:

If you used a Chromia Vault testnet account to play V1 of Mines of Dalarnia (pictured below), you are eligible for consideration.

Mines of Dalarnia 1.0

From the rewards portal interface, users will be able to associate their Chromia Vault account used to play V1 with their desired BNB address. This will allow the portal to ‘read’ the progress from your Chromia Vault account while issuing rewards on BNB chain. The process will require you to sign a message using your Chromia Vault, ensuring that no one else can take credit for your time and energy spent on V1 testing. If you used multiple Chromia Vault accounts while testing, you may create multiple BNB chain addresses and associate each Vault account with a separate BNB address.

Who will receive rewards? (V1 testers)

  • 2000 users will receive rewards, based on their reward tier (see chart below). Users are ranked based on the following metrics from their Vault account:
  • 200 users with the greatest total distance dug will be placed in Reward Tier 4. (A unique cosmetic “Crystal Skin” armor NFT. A unique cosmetic “Crystal Skin” helmet NFT)
Mines of Dalarnia V1 Testers Skin Reward
Mines of Dalarnia V1 Testers Skin Reward
  • 300 users with the highest total value of minerals collected will be placed in Reward Tier 3 (this tier prioritizes the rarity of minerals collected, while the next tier does not)
  • 500 users with the highest quantity of minerals collected will be placed in Reward Tier 2
  • 1000 users with the greatest number of mining runs will be placed in Reward Tier 1
  • Users are only eligible to be placed in one reward tier. In the event a user qualifies for more than one reward tier, they only receive the highest possible reward and other players are selected to fill up the lower reward tiers.

Reward Tiers:

Mines of Dalarnia Reward Tiers

Mining Passport NFT — grants access to the full V2 game world

Pick Particle Effect NFT — possessing this will give your pickaxe a persistent glow effect

Armor Cosmetic NFT — holding this will give you access to an exclusive cosmetic armor skin

Helmet Cosmetic NFT — holding this will give you access to an exclusive cosmetic helmet skin

DAR tokens — ‘real’ DAR tokens issued on BNB chain!

Thanks again to all of our testers!

Your support and feedback has been key to our development and delivery of our product. To all of our Dalarnians, be sure to follow our social media accounts and keep an eye out for future promotions!

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