100 Lucky Entrants will compete for $10K USD worth of DAR Tokens!

Mines of Dalarnia
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Mines of Dalarnia

100 Lucky Entrants will compete for $10K USD worth of DAR Tokens! Get the info here!

In cooperation with Salad Ventures and Apollo Squad, Mines of Dalarnia is running a testnet mining contest! In this article, we will present all of the relevant information and steps to be taken by participants. Let’s dig in!

Details at Glance:

The contest will run from Wednesday January 26 7:00AM CET to Monday February 7th at Midnight CET

The contest will consist of 100 players, selected via a raffle (full details on how to enter the raffle are given below)

Players will compete to mine the highest total of ‘Premium 4 Minerals’ (Atlas Stone, Void Pearl, Prisminium, Frozen Magmatite) over the course of the contest

The prize pool will contain $10,000 USD worth of DAR tokens, with $2,500 going to first place and lesser amounts being paid down to 45th place

The Application Process

Players who wish to join the raffle to be selected to the 100 contestants should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Mines of Dalarnia tutorial on Salad Academy, and receive the course completion certificate. If you have already completed the course and already have the certificate, you can skip this step.
  2. Tweet your course certificate, tagging @MinesofDalarnia, @SaladVentures, and two friends
  3. Follow Mines of Dalarnia on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Youtube. Follow Salad Ventures on Twitter, Telegram, and Youtube. Join Apollo Squad on Discord.
  4. Create a new Chromia Vault account for the purpose of participating in the contest. For the integrity of the event, all contestants must start from a ‘blank slate’. Anyone submitting an already used account in the next step will be disqualified.
  5. Complete this Google Form: https://forms.gle/r8MPiz3RuzRCwCpR8, which will collect all of the necessary information and proof of above steps being completed.
  6. On the Apollo Squad Discord server, send a PM to Community Manager Ralph with your fresh wallet address (from step 4). A picture is included to help you find him:

The Raffle

100 addresses will be picked from all eligible entries on Tuesday January 25th (exact time TBA). The drawing will take place in the Discord Server of Apollo Squad.

The deadline for completing the steps above is Monday January 24, 2022, Midnight CET (7:00 AM SGT).

The Contest, and Special Conditions to Prevent Cheating

The contest window is open from Wednesday January 26 7:00AM CET to Monday February 7th at Midnight CET

The 100 selected participants will receive 200 testnet DAR to their registered address at the beginning of the contest

Participants ARE ALLOWED to collect the one time 20 free DAR and also collect the daily 2 DAR login rewards

Participants ARE NOT ALLOWED to do any pre-mining or upgrading of equipment before the contest window opens. Accounts are also not allowed to send or receive any minerals from external accounts. Breaking any of these rules will result in automatic disqualification. Transactions histories can easily be checked by the MoD team to ensure the integrity of the winner list.

Contestants will be ranked based on their Premium 4 Mineral count at the conclusion of the contest. A player’s score is the combined total of their Atlas Stone, Void Pearl, Prisminium and Frozen Magmatite.

Participants will be required to submit a screenshot of the total amount of Premium 4 Minerals they have earned by Monday 7 Feb Midnight CET (7:00am SGT). This submission will be made via a Google Form that will be created at a later date — the link will be shared with participants once they are selected to prevent spam submissions by users who are not selected.

On Tuesday February 8th, the results will be verified by the organizers of the event and the winner list will be finalized.

On Wednesday February 9th, the winner list will be announced and prizes will be sent out shortly afterwards.

Prize Pool

All prizes will be paid in DAR tokens, based on the USD price of DAR on the day the contest concludes. Prizes for the contest will be as follows:

Good Luck!

This competition is a great way to raise awareness of both Mines of Dalarnia, and our collaborating partners (Salad Ventures and Apollo Squad). We are excited to get things underway and can’t wait to see the eye popping totals our players can produce! Good luck, and we hope to see you in the competition!

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Telegram: t.me/MinesOfDalarnia

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